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Bob Dylan
Bob Dylan

Bob Dylan is set to be the subject of a new hour-long drama series. Image by Heinrich Klaffs. Creative Commons

Amazon are working together with Lionsgate TV and writer/director Josh Wakely on a new Bob Dylan themed drama series

Just when you thought that Bob Dylan couldn’t become more ingrained in popular culture, Variety have revealed that the legendary songwriter is set to be the inspiration of a new hour-long drama series.

Entitled Time Out Of Mind, after Dylan’s 1997 album of the same name, the show will bring Amazon and Lionsgate TV together with the Australian writer/director Josh Wakely. Wakely is no stranger to combining music and the small screen, with his animated children’s programme Beat Bugs – due out on Netflix shortly – inspired by songs from The Beatles’ back catalogue.

Details on the plot of Time Out Of Mind have yet to be revealed, however it has been suggested that the series will feature two characters or story threads from Dylan’s songs that will unite.

Time Out Of Mind was the thirteenth studio to be released by Bob Dylan and his first studio double album since 1970’s Self Portrait. The album made it to No 10 in both the US and UK.

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