‘Transport Paradise’ by Known To Collapse (Album)

Know To Collapse ‘Transport Paradise’ album cover
Know To Collapse. Photo: Martin Yernazian

Know To Collapse: the alias for Alabama-born songwriter Kevin Lehner. Photo: Martin Yernazian

Kevin Lehner’s band take the listener on a sonic journey as his new album of alt-rock weaves an experimental path

Know To Collapse 'Transport Paradise' album coverKnown To Collapse is the alias for Kevin Lehner and his collective of musicians from the San Francisco Bay Area. Having released a debut EP in 2013, and picked up Kabir Kumar (bass, vocals) and Michael Mays (drums) along the way, the Alabama-born songwriter now returns with a full album of experimental alt-rock.

This larger canvas allows Lehner to unleash his full range as a songwriter. The glistening guitar and smooth vocals of What Is Said dives into murkier waters on the psych-influenced Circulated Undercover Ground. This shape-shifting continues throughout the record. Rigid’s hypnotic soundscape leads into the melodic fuzz of Circles Of Time. Elsewhere, When Others Don’t is the album’s moment of reflection before things explode once more on the final song, You Will Always Find A Light.

As for parallels, there are hints of Lift To Experience on Black To The Blues and Portland reveals Lehner to have something of James Mercer’s veiled songcraft. But comparisons aside, and more importantly, Transport Paradise takes the listener on a gratifying sonic adventure which basks in its own experimental glory.

Verdict: An atmospheric assault on the senses

Duncan Haskell

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