‘Alright Tonight’ by Kevin McGuire (EP)

Kevin McGuire ‘Alright Tonight’ EP cover
Kevin McGuire

Kevin McGuire: a singer-songwriter very much in the modern country mould

Although country pop might not be the sound you’d expect from a Glaswegian singer-songwriter, it has a surprising charm here

Kevin McGuire 'Alright Tonight' EP coverGlasgow-born Kevin McGuire is a singer-songwriter very much in the modern country mould. From the opening bars of Alright Tonight, you can’t help but feel his sound would be far more at home in Nashville rather than Scotland’s largest city.

Lyrics like the title track’s “when your truck breaks down I’ll jump start your heart” should come straight from a Music Row writer’s room, yet somehow McGuire manages to deliver them with persuasive gusto. Back Home and I Belong are similarly pitched, skipping along with a polished production which helps to add some additional crossover appeal.

If the rise and rise of Taylor Swift has taught us anything, it’s just how popular country music can be when given a healthy injection of pop. Whether or not Kevin McGuire can scale those dizzy heights is open to debate, but these three tracks will find plenty of welcoming ears ahead of next year’s debut album.

Verdict: Country pop with crossover potential

Duncan Haskell

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