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Stranger In My House by Vincent Colbert (EP)

Vincent Colbert

Vincent Colbert: “You know I’m not okay, everything will surely go astray”

Songwriter Vincent Colbert has written a debut EP which perfectly captures the loneliness associated with moving somewhere new and unknown.

Vincent Colbert – Stranger In My House EP covertranger In My House is the debut EP from Ann Arbor-based singer-songwriter Vincent Colbert and was inspired by the musician’s lonely start to his new life in Michigan. “You know I’m not okay, everything will surely go astray” he sings on the title track. The stranger here is Colbert, outside of the local scene and friendless.

The slight instrumentation throughout the EP exposes Colbert’s fragile voice and helps to accentuate the feeling of loneliness. Opening track Baseline is a simple acoustic number which manages to find a hint of optimism in the chorus. Rose Yellow Moon is a stark ballad with the singer’s plight echoed by the sorrowful moan of a slide guitar. The sense of isolation is forever palpable, none more so than within the song’s first line “Alone at the bar and it feels like the dark will descend on my stone heart”.

As You Are is an intimate love song, with even the accompanying guitar and piano needing to find the courage to interrupt Colbert’s confession. Closing Hymn has a similarly hushed feel to it, that of a quiet conversation in the back of an empty church. Each of these tracks perfectly captures the sense of fear and abandonment that so often accompanies a new chapter in life.

Over the course of a full album, such rawness may become a little too much to take. Contained within these five songs, and with just enough moments of hope, Stranger In My House is a debut EP which suggests that Vincent Colbert is a songwriter to watch out for in 2015.

Verdict: Intricate songwriting perfectly reflecting Vincent Colbert’s isolation.

Duncan Haskell

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