Raise Your Love by Rhodes (EP)

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Rhodes’ debut EP ‘Raise Your Love’ reveals a haunting vocal talent reminiscent of one of music’s great vocalists and romantics

RhodesEP Cover

he demons of music can sometimes have a most twisted sense of irony. Kurt Cobain sang how he didn’t ‘have a gun’ and we all know how that ended. In Nightmares By The Sea, Jeff Buckley sings “stay with me under these waves tonight,” a line whose deep melancholy is now laced with eerie poignancy, after Buckley’s fatal swim in the Mississippi one May night.

Though he does not share the fatalistic irony attached, Hertfordshire songwriter Rhodes does channel the spirit of Buckley on his wonderful debut EP Raise Your Love. It’s in the moody romanticism that’s draped all over the songs. Opener Run has the hallmarks of Grace, the guitar lines that are velvety, yet mournful and with a richness that could have seen it recorded in a hollowed-out redwood. Then there’s the voice and what a voice it is. Though not possessed of the same elasticity as Buckley, Rhodes is gifted with vocal chords just as rich and emotive.

There are also shades of brilliant young songwriters James Blake (to whom Rhodes bears a slight physical resemblance) and Bat For Lashes to be found in the seductive atmospherics on Worry. Darker Side is reminiscent of the excellent trio Daughter, while the EP’s title track has something of Local Natives about it.

You sense that Raise Your Love would provide the musical backdrop to that point in an intense relationship when all seems lost, yet in the muddy disarray you find the clarity to bleed from one soul into another.

Verdict: The voice of an angel, and music to match

Damien Girling

You can watch the video to Raise Your Love below

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