‘Out Of Clay’ by Jared Saltiel (Album)

Jared Saltiel ‘Out Of Clay’ album cover
Jared Saltiel

Jared Saltiel: it comes as no surprise that his childhood ambition was to be a fiction writer

By combining a storytelling approach to lyric writing with his musical flourishes this artist is able to tell his story

Jared Saltiel 'Out Of Clay' album coverHaving listened to the new album by Brooklyn-based multi-instrumentalist Jared Saltiel, it comes as no surprise that his childhood ambition was to be a fiction writer. His new release is a concept album drilling into love and disillusionment, and an entirely appropriate vessel for his storytelling.

This passion for creative writing is evident in the album’s lyrics. Opening song The Fountain tells the tale of a sailor who finds himself on a desert island and is set on a mission by three mysterious women. This epic tale sets the tone for Out Of Clay, one which carries through all the way to its final chapter, The Tower – something of a closing reprise to The Fountain.

Surprisingly, this storytelling is even translated through the music itself. Whether on the sweeping orchestration of The Gift or the theatrical crescendo at the end of Wayward Queen, Saltiel has a knack of amplifying his tales through composition. ‘Theatrical’ is a term that could be extended to much of the album. Little flourishes abound, resembling the work of Rufus Wainwright.

For some, those who love their music a little grittier, it might all be a bit overblown and melodramatic. And though it’s true that this isn’t the most subtle of releases, there’s a depth and vividness to the Saltiel’s music which ensures that Out Of Clay intrigues from start to finish.

Verdict: A novel in album form

Duncan Haskell

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