On The Stereo #64

Jayda G
Jayda G

Canadian DJ and house artist Jayda G

Welcome to some superb new music from Jayda G, Coucheron, Patricia Lalor, Rebecka Reinhard, Baba Ali, Hailey Whitters and more

Are You Down

Canadian DJ and house artist Jayda G shows her more sombre side on Are You Down. There’s still plenty of soul in the rhythm, which bounces along nicely, but the warped vocals colour the song with a distinctly blueish hue.

I Spy

Grammy-nominated producer Coucheron and Norwegian hip hop artist Pasha team up with devastating effects on I Spy. From the trap beat to the flamenco-style guitar to the elegant vocal delivery, everything is working here.


Ahead of the release of her upcoming EP, Patricia Lalor has dropped new single Alone. Kaleidoscopic and dreamy pop music; the poetic lyrics and delivery only enhance the slightly off-kilter feel. Definitely one to watch!

No Release

Our adventures in dream pop continue with No Release – the latest single from Sweden’s Rebecka Reinhard. Described by Reinhard as ‘a slow, rumbling war cry,’ it builds throughout before a cacophony of drums, strings and guitars complete the emotional purge.

All These Wires

We’re picking up 80s new wave vibes from Baba Ali’s latest release, All These Wires. Mixed by Alex Epton and recorded as part of a new batch of songs that were written while Ali was in lockdown in Oakland, New Jersey; we’re digging its wonky energy.

Screw Loose

Wonky, sludgy and with a large dollop of humour, Screw Loose by Lime Cordiale is the genre-defying anthem we need in our lives right now. Brothers Oli and Louis Leimbach clearly know how to distil their unique worldview into something we can all enjoy.

There’s Idiots, Then There’s Idiots With Money

Sheffield indie legends Sergeant Buzfuz return with new single There’s Idiots, Then There’s Idiots With Money. As caustic as the title suggests, it’s an anthem for the working class which also contains an awesome flute solo!

Janice At The Hotel Bar

Packed with the genuine advice Hailey Whitters received during an encounter with an 80-something-year-old woman, Janice At The Hotel Bar is a life-affirming instructional. Oh, and it’s one hell of a country song too.

Songfest 2024

Ignorance Is Bliss

Ska-punk isn’t a genre we reach for that often, but Ignorance Is Bliss by Kill Lincoln is the injection of energy we needed today. The hallmarks are all the there: the bouncing rhythm, the blasting horns, the massive riffs. This is the stuff!

Letting Me Down

If you’re yet to hear Margo Price’s new album That’s How Rumors Get Started then we suggest making it your mission today. If we can’t convince you then one listen to the soft rock majesty of Letting Me Down should do the trick.

Words: Duncan Haskell

Listen to these songs and other On The Stereo selections via the Songwriting Magazine Spotify #ONTHESTEREO playlist.

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