I Have Love, I Have You by Ryan Hobler (Single)

I Have Love, I Have You by Ryan Hobler
Ryan Hobler

Ryan Hobler

New York singer-songwriter Ryan Hobler has turned his wedding gift to his wife into a song full of universal appeal

I Have Love, I Have You by Ryan Hobler Have Love, I Have You is the sixth song from Ryan Hobler’s forthcoming album, The Elusive Yes. Each remaining track is also set for a release before the full-length album comes out in late 2015, a brave approach which means there is no room for filler.

Written for his wife on their wedding day, I Have Love, I Have You is a meditation on love and relationships which manages to stay on the right side of saccharine sentiment. Hobler’s voice is warm and rich, that of a less wordy Andrew Bird. Knowing the origin of the song means you can’t help but side with him as he sings “Don’t need no afterlife/ No gated kingdom come/ It’s here now with my wife/ Our heaven just begun.”

This is a summery slice of folk-pop delivered in Hobler’s crystal clear vocal. By washing the track with vocal harmonies and an array of instrumentation I Have Love, I Have You has been transformed from a song for a private moment to something universal. The song he wrote for his new bride is now a gift that can be treasured by all.

Verdict: A love song that everyone can enjoy.

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