On The Stereo #28

Michael Jablonka

Michael Jablonka: plays his guitar without fear

This time we showcase new sounds from Michael Jablonka, Union J, Sarah Darling, Vanessa Anne Red, Bellhouse and Bilge Pump

Lost In The Manor Records

Jablonka plays his guitar without fear, contrasting the lyrical content of Papier-mâché, which is a metaphor for an emotion that is difficult to confront. The result is a gritty song with verses that take a darker direction, but the anthemic choruses and wild solo brings the song full circle. DC

ART:ERY Music Group

We like our electronic music to come with a real pulse, a touch of humanity to grab it back from the clutches of the machines. With this track, it comes from an enchanting piano riff which dances across the glitchy beat as if encouraging it to breathe. Bellhouse’s affirming vocals add the finishing touches, bringing this track firmly to life. DH

Be Darling Records

The US country sensation is back with her brand new single. The pop-infused track is the first official taste of her new album Wonderland which is released in March and showcases another side to Sarah. Its funky production makes you feel like you’re on a road trip in the middle of summer. This is a perfect slice of country-pop heaven. LK

Gringo Records

With a new album on the way next year, their first in a decade, this single provides a perfect aperitif. Ushered along by a bassline that Jah Wobble would be proud of, it’s a sludgy and kaleidoscopic swirl which proves that these stalwarts of Leeds’ DIY scene have lost none of their edge. DH

Ru Listening Ltd

Union J are back with their brand new single and, after a few years without new music, 2018 has been a real treat for fans of the band as this is their third release of the year. Their latest offering is their last as a three-piece and was recorded before Josh Cuthbert left. It’s a gorgeous ballad that highlights the group’s stunning vocal harmonies. LK

Sharp Attack Records

Vanessa Anne Redd is a crafty and artful songwriter, and her latest single is no different; she knows how to keep an audience guessing. This weird, disjointed psychedelic-folk number takes us down the rabbit hole on a fearless songwriting adventure that leaves you wishing you’d written a song like What’s Next. DC

Words: Dave Chrzanowski, Duncan Haskell, Laura Klonowski

Listen to these songs and other On The Stereo selections on the Songwriting Magazine YouTube ‘New Music’ playlist.

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