‘Hold On’ by Øyvind Weiseth (Single)

Øyvind Weiseth ‘Hold On’ single artwork
Øyvind Weiseth

Øyvind Weiseth: should be applauded

The latest track from this Norwegian talent proves that Scandinavians still know the secret behind making a catchy pop song

Øyvind Weiseth 'Hold On' single artworkI know I was wrong / What I did was so wrong / But in my mind / I just played along.” So starts Norwegian songwriter Øyvind Weiseth’s latest single, an infectious pop rocker in the vein of Weezer and Semisonic.

Though recrimination road may be a path well-trodden, Weiseth still throws himself down it head first. Where the verses chug along, everything is ratcheted up a notch for the chorus before the track ends with one last plea.

Nothing here is ground-breaking, this drumbeat has launched many similar numbers and the anthemic guitars are equally familiar. But to judge Hold On in such a manner is to miss to the point. Catchy and broad, this is a song that will annoy the snobs and delight the unassuming and for that Weiseth should be applauded.

Verdict: Infectious pop rock

Duncan Haskell

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