‘Ha Ha Haf’ by Omaloma (Single)


In ‘Ha Ha Haf’, Omaloma bring us “a beautiful song and a stunning composition”

You may not understand his lyrics, but that won’t matter once you’ve heard what George Amor’s music has to say

Omaloma-SingleOmaloma is Penmachno songwriter George Amor’s latest project. New single Ha Ha Haf, which translates to Ha Ha Summer in English, is awash with psychedelic complexions. Both piano and guitar combine perfectly, creating a floaty, summer sensation.

Unfortunately this song may slip under the mainstream radar in England, due to most of the lyrics being sung in Welsh, a factor that maay alienate a lot of listeners. The rest of us, however, should take notice and track this band’s progression through 2016.

Ha Ha Haf is a beautiful song and a stunning composition reminiscent of bands such as Stornoway (albeit just a little less folky), and with Omaloma having already received radio play in Northern Ireland, Wales and the United States, it hints at a bright future for Welsh language music.

Verdict: Summery and effortless Welsh pop

Dave Chrzanowski

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