EXCLUSIVE! ‘Baskets of Love’ by The Big Drops

June 27, 2017 in Music, News

Today’s exclusive song is brought to you by a hotly-tipped Brooklyn, NY rock quartet who’ve just released their debut album…


‘Ha Ha Haf’ by Omaloma (Single)

April 7, 2016 in Music

You may not understand his lyrics, but that won’t matter once you’ve heard what George Amor’s music has to say…

Venice Trip 'Look Forward' EP cover

‘Look Forward’ by Venice Trip (EP)

July 3, 2015 in Music

The new EP from psychedelic four-piece Venice Trip is proof that there’s still plenty of life left in the genre…

Young Magic

Breathing Statues by Young Magic (Album)

June 7, 2014 in Music

Young Magic’s second effort boasts a broad range of cultural and musical influences that makes for a celestial, atmospheric album…