‘Goodbye: Tiny Fractures’ by The Dirty Blonde (Single)

The Dirty Blonde Goodbye Tiny Fractures
The Dirty Blonde

The Dirty Blonde “will quickly have your indie-pop heart a-flutter”

On their single ‘Goodbye: Tiny Fractures’, Glasgow’s The Dirty Blonde rattle out melodies that will have indie-pop fans hitting repeat

The Dirty Blonde Goodbye Tiny Fracturesursting out of the speakers with a riff that sounds like a pepped-up version of 80s New Zealand act The Clean, Glasgow’s The Dirty Blonde will quickly have your indie-pop heart a-flutter on their single Goodbye: Tiny Fractures. Some lovely interplay between the guitars – with the melody and rhythm complimenting each other brilliantly – adds a toe-tapping quality that carries you into a deliciously fuzzed-up, Dinosaur Jr-nodding chorus, before returning to the riff that drew you in from the outset.

With seemingly every band and their dog dipping their toes into the indie-pop pool, Goodbye: Tiny Fractures could be a shoulder-shrugging fest. However, Danny Gallagher’s vocals give the The Dirty Blonde an edge over their contemporaries, with his Bob Mould meets Blake Schwarzenbach style adding a raw, ‘opposites attract’ quality to the genre’s usual softly-softly approach. All this means that fans of 80s guitar pop revivalists will find much to enjoy in Goodbye: Tiny Fractures.

Verdict: Indie-pop that’s just a little different

Damien Girling

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