EXCLUSIVE! ‘Two Lovers’ by Watching for Foxes

Watching For Foxes
Watching For Foxes

The magnificent seven: Watching for Foxes

Some indie-folk flavours in our second exclusive of the week, coming to you courtesy of Michigan seven-piece Watching for Foxes

Our second exclusive of the week comes from Watching for Foxes, a seven-piece indie-folk outfit who hail from Grand Rapids, Michigan. The track is taken from the band’s forthcoming debut album Undone Bird, which is out on 10 June.

Watching for Foxes formed originally as a three-piece band, influenced heavily by “Mumford & Sons, and cats like that”. That starter line-up released a couple of EPs, but as the band has grown, so has their sound, which they now describe as having “elements of roots rock, folk-rock, and indie-rock”.

Of Two Lovers itself, lead singer Joey Frendo tells us: “Two Lovers is a song about the internal pull between polar opposites. When you’re trying to find a way to love someone, when you’re in a relationship, there are these two forces at odds with one another. One is the undying urge to give everything you have to that other person, the part of you that would do anything for them; on the other hand, is the apprehensive side of ourselves that is selfish and broken and wounded, and that will protect your own heart at all costs.

“I’ve found that, in the relationships that populate my life, these two dichotomous sides are often at war. Two Lovers is a chronicle of this tug-of-war in my own personal life, and how that strife often results in killing the thing that I set out to protect; we lose love and our own autonomy.”

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