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EXCLUSIVE! ‘Solid Sun’ by The New Tarot

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The New Tarot: paint misbehavin’

Our second track exclusive of the week is an hypnotic slice of angsty alt-pop from New York’s The New Tarot

This week’s second track exclusive sees us swimming in more ‘alternative’ waters, as New York six-piece The New Tarot premiere their new track Solid Sun. The track’s taken from their forthcoming EP God Of Science.

Fronted by the Walker sisters Monika (vocals/guitar) and Karen (vocals/keyboards), who haven’t yet racked up half a century between them, The New Tarot got together in 2014, with the rest of the band comprising Chas Langston (drums), Beth Callen (guitar), Dave Kahn (bass) and David Banker (trombonist). They’ve already built themselves a loyal following on the New York live circuit and released several singles, including Heavy Metal and Stella. Now, hopefully, the God Of Science EP will take their music to a much wider audience.

Of Solid Sun itself, Monika tells us: “Everyone wants to pick sides, to have definite answers – there is/isn’t a god, the cat is dead/alive, the dress is gold/black – even when we know the Universe isn’t written in black and white for the purpose of answering our meaningless questions. We’ve been thrust into the crossroads of the material and the ephemereal, ill equipped with nothing but human-centric ideas like math and logic to explain our way through a light/gravity/energy-centric Universe. It’s very silly how much we pretend to know when you think about it like that. From all the way out there in deep space, to the tiniest subatomic structures in our own noses, there is not merely a dialogue between contradictions; there is a Universal symphony.”

We can see Solid Sun appealing both to fans of contemporary alt-pop auteurs like Grimes, London Grammar or St Vincent, and to lovers of older bands such as Siouxsie & The Banshees or My Bloody Valentine. There’s a hint of Sleeper/Republica-style Britpop in there too… but as ever, you can make your own minds up about it!

Like that? Then find The New Tarot on Facebook, Twitter and Soundcloud, or at their own website

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