EXCLUSIVE! ‘Hot Buttered Rum’ by Jason Fraticelli Band

Hot Buttered Rum by Jason Fraticelli Band
Hot Buttered Rum by Jason Fraticelli Band

The Hendrix vibe is clear on Hot Buttered Rum

This week’s first exclusive comes courtesy of a man who kicks out a mean guitar line, for an upright bassist

Tonight with have a real treat for you, with a musician who’s been performing since he was 13 – when he opened for Jimmy Cliff no less. Jason Fraticelli is a songwriter who’s spent years honing his craft and boy does it show on the excellent Hot Buttered Rum.

Speaking of the track, Fraticelli says: “Lyrically I was trying to live in between sexy serious like Prince, and totally joking like Frank Zappa, and at the same time musically I was hearing a Hendrix voice with a Beatles like chorus. One thing we did in the studio that I thought worked well was we kept the rhythm guitars all clean sounding while we had the distortion on the fender rhodes.”

The Hendrix vibe is clear and all the more surprising when you discover that Fraticelli comes from a jazz background and takes the upright bass as his instrument of choice – we’d happily settle for guitar licks as good as this for our second choice instrument.

Despite the classic rock vibes, with Clapton’s Cream another point of reference, we think that this will find favour with fans of the best type of bar bands – the good ones. As always, though, we’ll leave the decision to your trusty ears…

Like that? Then find Jason Fraticelli on Facebook and Instagram, or at his own website.

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