EXCLUSIVE! ‘Coney Island Xmas Day’ by Amy Virginia

Amy Virginia
Amy Virginia

The multi-talented Amy Virginia

It’s Easter! So here, courtesy of New York artist Amy Virginia, comes a Monday exclusive that’s all about Christmas. Obviously.

This week’s Monday exclusive comes from a true Renaissance woman. Based in New York, Amy Virginia Buchanan (to give her her full name) has degrees in theatre and linguistics, and has trodden the boards in numerous plays as well as writing and staging two full-length plays and numerous short works of her own. But since this isn’t Playwriting Magazine, it’s her career as a musician that interests us the most.

Today’s exclusive track is a sneaky preview from her forthcoming album Not Us, which will be out in May. Not Us follows her 2014 debut I’ll Sing You Songs When You’re Not Around and a six-track covers EP entitled Sheet Music, which she recorded with Anna Louise and released in 2015.

Amy says of the song: “Two years ago I was alone in New York City on Christmas Day, so I went to Coney Island to wallow. While out there, I realized how pathetic I felt, so I invited a guy over for dinner. I cooked him a lovely meal, we watched White Christmas, we had sex… and then he went home, leaving me, once again, all alone on Christmas. So this song is about that, and wishing he would’ve treated me better, and deciding never to let someone treat me like that again.”

Coney Island Xmas Day is also a song that we’re struggling to describe… there are elements of folk, soul and jazz in there, but ultimately the description that best fits, we think, is “exuberant but bittersweet grown-up pop”. But you, of course, can come up with your own words for it…

Like that? Then find Amy Virginia on Soundcloud, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube, or at her own website.

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