EXCLUSIVE! ‘Beyond The Bubble’ by Piuma


Piuma: environmentally-friendly rock from California

Our final exclusive of the week is this ‘live in the studio’ video from Los Angeles progressive funk-rock band Piuma

This week’s third exclusive comes in video form, as Los Angeles-based progressive rockers Piuma debut this film of them performing their song Beyond The Bubble live in the studio. And they’re not just doing it for effect, either – what you see actually forms part of the recording sessions from their soon-come debut album.

Piuma was formed by singer and guitarist David Small, who has a long track record as a session musician and film music composer. Completing the line-up are drummer Lamar ‘Thunderstix’ Little, keyboardist Max Butler and bassist Mike Roberts. The band has released just one self-titled EP, from which Beyond The Bubble is taken.

David says of the song: “With Beyond the Bubble, I wanted to write a song about the yearning to explore, that begins from a young age.  The song is structured in AABA, with each A section telling a memory of my life: from being four years old playing in the backyard, to a teenager skateboarding in alleys with friends, each time exploring further, where the ‘bubble’ subtly represents the world and what lies beyond our awareness. I tried to capture a sort of uplifting yearning, that would build to the refrain ending each A section: ‘But still, I sense in the back of my mind/I know there is something more/Something more, beyond the bubble’.

“For the B section, I went for contrast and tension, lyrically talking about wanting to see past the screen of a filtered reality, with the harmony making a modal shift in tonality.  It builds to a climax, flowing into an interlude in the last A section that Max tore up live with the piano solo, which is one of my favorite parts from the show!

“One tricky part about this live show was that we were actually recording the full length LP (to be released this fall) live, since the venue doubles as a recording/broadcast studio – so I had to keep myself close to the AKG mic on the acoustic guitar, which really helped capture its natural, full sound, especially mixed with the direct signal.

“We used a version of Beyond The Bubble on a video for Stoughton Printing about their legacy pioneering eco-friendly printing techniques since the 60s.  They helped us press our record jackets for the EP and donated $25 to TreePeople, offsetting their power consumption.  The EP’s about expanding one’s awareness and doing the right thing, so in line with that, $1 from each record goes toward planting more trees – making Piuma a carbon positive album.”

So, here it is – see what you think! We’d say that, while Piuma bill themselves as a prog rock band, there’s also a strong influence of West Coast rock à la The Eagles or Crosby Stills & Nash on this particular track. But you, of course, can make your own mind up…

Like that? Then find Piuma on Twitter, Tumblr and Instagram, or at their own website.

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