EXCLUSIVE! ‘Beach House’ by Lee Gordon

Lee Gordon
Lee Gordon

Lee Gordon’s single ‘Beach House’ was released on Monday

A second exclusive for you this week, as we bring you the video to Norfolk singer-songwriter Lee Gordon’s new single

Our second premiere of the week comes from Norfolk-based singer-songwriter Lee Gordon. A veteran of the underground music scene, Lee has given us exclusive access to his debut music video, which accompanies the single Beach House released on Monday on iTunes, Spotify, Google and Amazon.

Lee is no stranger to the highs and lows of trying to make it in the music business, flitting between a music-focused lifestyle and countless day jobs for the best part of two decades. He has sung for countless bands, suffered a label going under, recorded an album in a pig shed, and played to venues both sold out and completely devoid of human life.

The first major release of his current solo incarnation, Beach House is impressive in its emotional and musical maturity, combining some of Lee’s core influences (notably Otis Redding and Jeff Buckley) in its exquisitely simple arrangement of acoustic guitar, double bass and drums. The chord structure is achingly beautiful – there is never any resolution in the classical sense, and this open-endedness tells much of the longing that seems to resonate throughout both the song and Lee’s musical past.

“The sound of the ocean really influenced the style of guitar,” said Lee. “It rolls and repeats to give that sense of water hitting the shore. Lyrically, the song is about the catharsis created by being away from a hectic London lifestyle, surrounded by beauty, the ones you love and questioning the choices made in life. I saw the ‘beach house’ as a metaphor for the places or people we hold most dear, and the longing we feel for them.”

His vocals are characteristically soulful, and delivered with the precision of a singer who has performed everything from Motown to metal. If you want some serious undiscovered talent, look no further than this guy.

Like that? You can buy the single here, or find Lee on Soundcloud, Facebook and Twitter, or at his own website.

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