‘Clinging To A Dream’ by Silver Apples (Album)

Silver Apples ‘Clinging To A Dream’ album cover
Silver Apples' Simeon Coxe

Silver Apples’ Simeon Coxe: continues to blur the line where psych and dance meet

Simeon Coxe returns with a collection that will delight fans of his pioneering sound whilst continuing to push electropop boundaries

Silver Apples 'Clinging To A Dream' album coverIt only takes The Edge Of Wonder a few pulsating beats to fully reintroduce the listener to the unmistakable and primal sound of Silver Apples. This is the first new material in 19 years from founding member and electro-pioneer Simeon Coxe. It’s immediately apparent that he’s slipped straight back into his mesmerising groove and continues to blur the line where psych and dance meet.

It’s easy to get lost inside Coxe’s wavelength. As the beat deepens and builds on Missin You, it has a transfixing effect, with a theremin leading the way. His vocals remain talkative and almost robotic; on Susie he lists a host of culinary treats over an increasingly warped blanket of effects. The incredible rawness that was present all those years ago on Oscillations still shines through.

The Mist and Fractal Flow have a horror movie feel about them; eerie dynamics create a menacing atmosphere and somehow bring to mind Scott Walker if he’d appropriated an oscillator and taken command of Frisk Frugt. Concerto For Monkey And Oscillator is wonderfully bonkers and leads into the equally maniacal conclusion of The Rain. Still out on the periphery and making deliciously distinctive records, the return of Silver Apples can only be seen as a huge triumph.

Verdict: Scintillating outsider electro from a genuine pioneer

Duncan Haskell

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