Korg releases Stageman 80 PA amp

Korg Stageman 80
Korg Stageman 80

Korg’s Stageman 80: a portable PA for small to mid-sized venues or live street performance

The Japanese manufacturer reveals a multi-function 80W portable PA amplifier with rhythm machine offering a variety of live-recorded drum phrases

Japanese corporation, Korg has announced the release of the Stageman 80 – a stereo 80W portable PA amplifier. With two 40W class-D amps and two 4-inch stereo speakers, the unit is designed as a live PA for small to mid-sized venues or street performance, but additionally provides a recorder and audio player, as well as a mixer.

With ‘Real Groove Technology’, the Stageman 80 can act like a drummer to support live performances or practice sessions, creating a rhythm pattern that’s appropriate for the song. Approximately 3GB of rhythm loops are included, covering 24 genres such as 8-beat, 16-beat, rock, jazz, bossa nova and unplugged beats mimicking a cajon, conga and djembe – each genre has two variations. A memory function can store favourite rhythms and playback tempo, plus a ‘chain’ function makes it possible to connect individual measures of rhythm styles.

The Stageman 80 is also equipped with an audio player function to play back WAV audio files from an SD card, with a 10-bank playlist function to manage the file playback order of up to 24 songs. Additionally, playback speed can be adjusted in a range of -25% to +25%, and files can be played on repeat or in automatic succession. Performances can also be recorded, along with the internal rhythm patterns or a song added to the SD card. The Stageman 80 also possesses a tuner.

Connectivity includes a mic input, two inputs to connect a guitar or bass, and an AUX input that supports line-level stereo output from devices such as an iPod or keyboard. Two-band EQ is provided, with reverb and ‘Acoustage virtual surround technology’ – a wide stereo effect, giving the impression that the sound is being heard from positions that are widely spaced to the left and right.

Power is supplied from the included adapter or from six D-size batteries that claim to provide the unit with up to 20 hours of continuous operation. An extendable stand on the lower part of the unit allows the speaker to be tilted to an upward angle.

Pricing and availability of the Korg Stageman 80 is yet to be confirmed, but to find out more, visit: korg.com/stageman_80/

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