Time for a jazzy chorus from Roland

Roland JC-40 Jazz Chorus guitar amp
Roland JC-40 Jazz Chorus guitar amp

Roland’s new JC-40 Jazz Chorus guitar amp

Celebrating 40 years of the Jazz Chorus tone, Roland announces the availability of a new 40-watt stereo JC-40 guitar amplifier

Created in celebration of the 40th anniversary of the Jazz Chorus guitar amp series, Roland has announced the 40-watt stereo JC-40 Jazz Chorus guitar amplifier. The amp features the ‘JC clean’ tone and Dimensional Space Chorus effect, as well as enhanced onboard effects and a front-panel stereo input for stereo pedals, multi-effects and amp modellers.

First introduced in 1975, the Jazz Chorus series sound can be heard on generations of popular recordings across an array of genres. The JC-40, with two independent power amps and 10-inch speakers, looks to give guitarists the same industry-standard tone in a scaled-down unit with modern refinements: the Dimensional Space Chorus now offers selectable fixed or manual modes, renewed vibrato and reverb operate in stereo and there’s built-in distortion.

In addition to a normal mono input, the JC-40 features a true stereo input, and the rear panel offers further connectivity: effects loop with selectable serial or parallel operation, Line Out jacks and a headphones jack. Users can also connect optional foot switches to turn the JC-40’s chorus/vibrato, reverb, and distortion effects on/off while performing.

The Roland JC-40 Jazz Chorus amplifier is available at a typical street price of £549/$599. For more information, visit RolandUS.com

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