How I wrote 'Just The Way I'm Feeling' by Feeder's Grant Nicholas

How I wrote ‘Just The Way I’m Feeling’ by Feeder’s Grant Nicholas

January 13, 2020 in How I Wrote, Interviews, Songwriting Magazine Autumn 2015

The Welsh guitar band’s frontman and chief songwriter reflects on the creation of one of his rock group’s best-loved songs…


How I wrote ‘Perseverance’ by Terrorvision’s Tony Wright

April 24, 2018 in Features, How I Wrote, Interviews

BRITROCK WEEK: The Bradford band’s singer tells the story behind the writing of their riff-tastic ode to whales and dolphins…

Justin Currie

Sodajerker presents… Justin Currie

March 23, 2016 in Features, Interviews

The podcasting duo speak with one of our previous interviewees, the Glaswegian singer-songwriter who fronted Del Amitri for 20 years…