Unseen footage of The Beatles published

The Beatles
The Beatles

Catch The Beatles in newly released unseen footage. Image by United Press International

Australia’s National Film and Sound Archive have released previously unseen footage of The Fab Four preparing for a TV performance

It’s been nearly sixty years since Liverpool’s finest formed, but even now hidden treasures of them are being found, after it was revealed that the National Film and Sound Archive of Australia have released previously unseen footage of The Beatles.

The footage lasts less than a minute and sees John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr getting their hair and make-up done prior to a TV performance. The footage was recorded by Australian dancer and make-up artist Dawn Swane in 1965.

Of the footage, Swane says: “I was in the makeup room, and we were having some champagne. I don’t know if it was John or if it was Ringo, but they took the camera off me and said, “This is no way to use a camera” and they sort of jiggled it upside down and inside out a bit, and everybody was just mucking around. But that was great. I mean they were a nice group of people. They really were.”

The Beatles formed in 1960 and went on to release 12 studio albums in the UK alone before disbanding in 1970. The band are currently listed as the biggest selling music artist of all time, with just under 270 million in certified record sales.

You can see the footage of The Beatles below:

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