Music Venue Trust announces three new patrons


The Music Venue Trust has been supporting grassroots music venues since its inception in 2014

Charlotte Hatherley, Slaves and The Anchoress are the new patrons that will continue the fight to save local music venues

Many musicians owe their careers to local music venues, and the three new patrons selected to help raise awareness for the cause are no different. Iconic venues like Hull Adelphi, Exeter Cavern, Southampton Joiners, the 100 Club, Band on the Wall, and Tunbridge Wells Forum have been the life force of artists’ careers over the decades.

The Music Venue Trust has been supporting grassroots music venues since its inception in 2014. The charity plays an essential role in promoting the important part these spaces fulfil within their communities.

The Anchoress, aka Catherine Anne Davies, isn’t a stranger to music related charities, earlier this year she received a grant from Arts Council England to fund the second Anchoress album. She said: “Grassroots and Independent venues are the classrooms in which musicians learn and hone their craft, as well as providing vital social spaces for audiences throughout the country.”

Adding: “It is our duty as artists to preserve these spaces, not only to safeguard the heritage and future health of our culture as a nation, but also to continue to provide alternative social spaces in which people of all ages, backgrounds and cultures can explore and express themselves safely and freely.”

On 17 October, Venues Day 2017 will take place at Ministry Of Sound, London. The event will explore the relationship between artists and venues with a series of panels, made up of industry representatives discussing issues. Find out more at here.

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