‘No Mercy In The Night’ by Natalie Lurie (Single)

No Mercy In The Night by Natalie Lurie
Natalie Lurie

Natalie Lurie: No Mercy In The Night is gentle, delicate and full of pop charm. Pic: Cameron Powell

If you’re one for convention then you’ll be surprised by what Nashville-based Lurie has to offer on this harmonious release

No Mercy In The Night by Natalie LurieNatalie Lurie is a Nashville-based songwriter with a style that’s a little different to what you might be expecting. Taking the harp as her weapon of choice, her brand of indie-pop is closer to the work of Joanna Newsom than Willie Nelson.

Beginning with twinkling finger-picking and controlled vocals, No Mercy In The Night takes pity on your ears. It’s gentle, delicate and – like the work of indie’s most renowned harpist – full of pop charm. Unlike Newsom, though, Lurie is unabashed in her happiness to be occupying a radio-friendly territory.

There’s a real grace and effortlessness to Lurie’s songwriting; nothing is forced about No Mercy In The Night and it will catch your ear with complete ease. Sitting firmly in the poppier camp of indie, this is a song in which you’ll find much to like, if your poison is melody and harmony.

Verdict: Regal and melodic indie-pop

Damien Girling

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  1. theriz

    i would like to know the lyrics meaning of No Mercy in the Night. is it suitable for wedding?

    btw, it is one beautiful song. Thank you and greetings from the Philippines.

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