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Andrson Discover artists
Andrson Discover artists

Andrson artists (left to right, top to bottom): Monjola, The King’s Parade, Hunter & Wolfe, Eve’s Record Box, Toucan, Snake Eats Boy, Smythy, George Mills, Mirayholic, Shiv

We shine a light on what we think are 10 of the best songs on the Andrson artist discovery platform

As proudly invited judges of the Andrson Uploaded songwriting contest, we’ve been lucky enough to hear some fabulous entries from all genres of music. Though it was hard to select just 10 that particularly appealed to us, that’s exactly what we’ve done…


An enchanting blend of jazz and future soul, London is a masterclass on the use of dynamics and tempo. Jane Fraser’s vocals provide the pillar around which guitar, bass and drums can contort and disentangle like a finely choreographed maypole dance (with added swing).

No One Really Wants Me

Michael Maffei and Sundeep Kapur are an indie-rock duo from Brooklyn who channel their considerable talents into something quite epic on No One Really Wants Me. There’s power in the vulnerability as Maffei ask, “Tell me what’s the worst thing I could say,” all the while supported by opulent guitars, piano and percussion.


Alt-pop with the sweat of a Northern soul night dripping from its brow, Mario’s throwback feel perfectly complements the nostalgia at the track’s heart. Catchy as hell, seriously tight and constantly finding new ways to engage the listener, consider us hooked on its hooks.

How Does a Guy

Contemporary pop which you can imagine comfortably sitting on the Radio 1 playlist, How Does A Guy bubbles along as Mills laments failed relationships. Mills’ voice has a rawness to it which makes it a nice counterpoint to the song’s polished production.


Mirayholic is a Japanese-born singer-songwriter who is now based in Toronto and her song Colourblind has all the hallmarks of classic Gabrielle. Poppy R&B packed with melody, her sultry vocals run through this track like honey through decadently rich cream.

Know You

According to his bio, Monjola is, “tryna make some music you can vibe to,” and based on the strengths of Know You, he’s managing to do just yet. Ably assisted by brother Moyo’s production, this is a track which brings together elements of hip hop, soul and R&B and creates a laid-back groove all of its own.


A Zimbabwean/Irish musician who wrote all of her current songs in Mozambique, Golden is the type of laid-back groove to perfectly accompany the setting sun on a late August evening. Soulful R&B in the style of Erykah Badu, there’s a timelessness to Shiv’s delivery which only adds to the track’s overall appeal.

When It Happens

With his own take on the wonky DIY indie of Mac DeMarco, debut song When It Happens was written, recorded, mixed and mastered by Smythy in his attic. Fear not though, there’s nothing stuffy about the track, instead, it’s a spacious and summery affair that winds along like a ride down a country lane.

The Haunting Of H. Quinn

Hailing from Hastings, but imbued with the spirit of the late, great, Elliott Smith, Snake Eats Boy’s The Haunting Of H. Quinn creeps up on you and before you know it you’ve fallen under its spell. What seems at first like a simple acoustic number is elevated by layers of subtle instrumentation and narrative thread running through the song.

USA Songwriting Competition 2024

To Be Without You

As you’d probably expect from a 10-piece funk-pop ensemble, Toucan know how to pack a sonic punch. What’s impressive about To Be Without You though, is the way it knows when to throw out a light jab and when to land than knockout blow, with plenty of bobbing and weaving in between.


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