EXCLUSIVE! ‘Wax Garden’ by Sara McDonald

Sara McDonald
Sara McDonald

‘Wax Garden’ “it looks beautiful and everything is perfectly held in place, but none of it is real”

Tonight’s exclusive is a delightful track from a songwriter who’s already amassed an enormous number of plaudits for her work

Sara McDonald’s already accrued the sort of musical kudos that takes some artists a lifetime: she’s scored a degree in Vocal Jazz Performance, won the ASCAP Herb Alpert Young Jazz Composer Award and has been has been a featured composer with The Jazzrausch Munich Big Band and the New Jersey based, Jazz Composers Big Band.

McDonald’s also performed as part of ASCAP’s ‘Songwriters: The Next Generation’ Showcase, received the ASCAP Pheobe Jacobs prize for her contributions in new jazz music and played a sold out show at The David Rubenstein Atrium at the Lincoln Center.

Speaking of tonight’s exclusive, McDonald says: “Wax Garden” is about treading the line that separates what you desire to be doing vs. what you feel like you should actually be doing. The song is written in first person, but doesn’t ever address an audience. The narrative is clear; this person is addressing themselves, almost pleading with themselves to focus on what they know is most important, while still becoming distracted and fantasizing about the possibility of stepping outside of this life they’ve created for themselves. Said life being a wax garden – it looks beautiful and everything is perfectly held in place, but none of it is real.”

She’s been likened to San Fermin, Sigor Ros and Joanna Newsome. We can’t argue with that, but think that fans of CocoRosie and Marissa Nadler will also enjoy Wax Garden. Why don’t you give it a try and see what you think…

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