EXCLUSIVE! ‘Strange Loop’ by Jake Morley

Jake Morley
Jake Morley

Jake Morley. Pic: Dan Harris www.danielalexanderharris.com

Our final exclusive this week comes from London singer-songwriter Jake Morley, as he shares his new single with Songwriting readers

This week’s third track exclusive is the brand new single from London-based singer-songwriter Jake Morley. Strange Loop will be released on 3 June, and is taken from Jake’s forthcoming second album The Manual.

The phrase “difficult second album” gets bandied around a lot, but in Jake’s case the cliché very much reflects reality. His 2012 debut Many Fish To Fry garnered him considerable critical acclaim and substantial airplay on BBC Radio 2 and 6Music but then, by his own admission, Jake suffered a near-total loss of confidence for a while. But now he’s back, and Strange Loop is the first fruit of his rediscovered creativity.

Jake says of the song: “It was a huge pleasure to assemble the sounds of Strange Loop. We felt like clockmakers, caring about the tiniest details to make sure it worked properly as a whole.

“Ever seen that Escher picture of a staircase that just goes round and round? That was what I was going for on this song. That feeling of moving but ending up right back where you started. It all got a bit conceptual as it often did with me on this album – Watch Yourself was the same. There were some really peak moments in the studio, feeling so connected to it. The idea that you’ve expressed exactly what you wanted to express is the best feeling you get as a songwriter.”

The hype sheet for this one makes comparisons with Hozier and Gotye. We’d say Strange Loop is also a wee bit Sheeran-esque around the edges, but as ever, you can make your own minds up!

Like that? Then find Jake Morley on Facebook, Soundcloud, Instagram and Twitter, or at his own website.


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