‘Silver Beetle’ by Baron & Byrne (EP)

Baron & Byrne ‘Silver Beetle’ artwork
Baron & Byrne

Baron & Byrne: London-based musician Joe Doris

These three new tracks from the talented songwriter and musician Joe Doris prove that it’s actually all about the harmonies

Baron & Byrne 'Silver Beetle' artworkBaron & Byrne is the musical moniker of London-based musician Joe Doris. His new EP introduces his restrained chamber pop with three songs of astral acoustics and delicate harmonies.

Up first is I Suppose It’s Fine. Layers of lush vocals gather over a simple guitar backing. There’s a hymnal quality to the song which is comforting to bathe in and the solo in the middle is strikingly powerful. Silver Beetle continues the choral mood. Percussion and strings are added to the mix and the vocals keep building as the song progresses. For Weezy, Alaskan Ice is a delicate love song with additional piano flourishes – further adornment for Doris’ exquisite harmonies.

There’s a smoothness which carries through from start to finish. Over the course of an album there may be need for more variation, but here the tracks melt into one another to paint a convincing picture. There is no doubting Doris’ musical palette.

Verdict: Luscious harmonies to get lost in

Duncan Haskell

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