EXCLUSIVE! ‘Stay Lucky’ by Nerina Pallot

Nerina Pallot
Nerina Pallot

Today we bring you an exclusive track by the wonderful, Nerina Pallot

Today’s exclusive song comes from a sublime British songwriter that we know you love just as much as we do

We like British songwriter Nerina Pallot rather a lot here at Songwriting; we’ve interviewed her, featured her in our ‘How I Wrote…’ book and now we’re fortunate enough to bring you lucky people an exclusive track from her. You’re welcome.

Being nominated for an Ivor Novello Award, writing songs for Kylie Minogue and Diana Vickers, and scoring a UK top 20 single (Everybody’s Gone to War) are just some of the highlights of her marvellous career. Today, though, is all about the title track from her brilliant new album, Stay Lucky, which you can pre-order here.

Of the song, Pallot says: “I wrote Stay Lucky after spotting a sticker of the same name on a dustbin or something in Covent Garden one day. I had already booked a studio for literally a day or two later to record some new songs but I didn’t like all of them and wondered if I could come up with something in a hurry. I thought it was such a good phrase and the song just tumbled out really, in about half an hour or so.”

Continuing: “What’s weird is that it was about a very intense experience from a few years ago which at the time I was doing all I could to normalise and was avoiding writing about, but the moment I finished the song I felt like something had lifted.”

Adding: “It’s a very personal song for me but I wanted it to make sense to anyone. It’s just about wishing only the good stuff for the people we love. And so it didn’t need a fancy video, just something simple and old school that reflected the way the song came about.”

She needs no introduction. So listen below and see just where you think her latest track ranks among her stellar back catalogue…

Like that? Then find Nerina Pallot on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook or at her own website.

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