Another Lie by Traedonya (Single)

Traedonya sleeve


Traedonya’s debut single, ‘Another Lie’, is an uplifting, modern but tentative step into the hallowed halls of classic jazz-funk

Traedonya sleeve

n her marketing spiel, Traedonya is described as ‘The Bride of New Funk Hipopria’. Putting the cannibalised genres aside for a moment, there is some truth in the statement. Traedonya’s forthcoming single Another Lie, the first release from her debut EP High Fructose Corn Syrup, is a refreshing take on the jazz-funk tradition.

The song is brimming with attitude, almost confrontational at times. The New York songstress has diva qualities in her vocals – think Mary J Blige or Alicia Keys – but her feet are firmly planted in the jazz tradition, so Another Lie isn’t an excuse for Traedonya to disappear into a narcissistic bout of yelps and warbles. The song is rooted by a simple and repetitive guitar hook, broken up at times by a welcome collection of trumpets. Another Lie feels like freeform jazz and the singer respects this throughout, matching the repetition of the instruments with simple, recurring melodies, at times bordering on scatting. But the song has an essence of modernity too. It sounds new: formulaic and classic yes, but with real grit, nicely levelled out by squeaky clean production.

Another Lie doesn’t transport you to a bygone era of dark, smokey Harlem jazz dens, but jazz it certainly is – just the daytime variety.

Verdict: A refreshing take on a timeless musical tradition

Kieron Allen

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