Fender revives its 60s 12-string classic guitar

Fender Electric XII
Fender Electric XII

Electric XII: available in Lake Placid Blue, Sunburst and Olympia White. Photo: Fender

Arriving in 1965, the Electric XII was aimed at folk-rock musicians and it can be heard on ‘Stairway To Heaven’

It was revealed that the Electric XII – as played by Eric Clapton, Pete Townshend, Jimmy Page and many others before it was discontinued in 1970 – would make its return. The instrument is part of the Alternative Reality Series, which takes recognisable Fender components and places them into futuristic designs.

The Electric XII features a Jaguar/Jazzmaster style body shape and hockey stick headstock, which in the 1960s made it stand out above the popular Stratocaster style. Fender’s design was also the first to feature a saddle for every string, making tuning more precise; 12-string designs by its competitors were six-string guitars with six extra strings added.

Fender has kept the guitar’s features simple with a three-way toggle switch for pickup selection: bridge, neck and both, and a master volume and master tone knob.

The Electric XII retails at around £810 and is available in Lake Placid Blue, Olympia White and Sunburst. For more information visit: fender.com

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