B.C. Rich launches new acoustic line

B.C. Rich Acoustic Guitars
B.C. Rich Acoustic Guitars

New models from B.C. Rich will offer different body styles, colors, and finishes.

The long-established American guitar manufacturer returns to its roots, bringing a collection of five new acoustic guitars to the market

fter a long hiatus, B.C. Rich is back in the acoustic guitar market with a brand new acoustic line. The Kentucky based manufacturer, and division of Hanser Music Group, will bring together a collection of five new models that will touch upon and evolve from the beginnings of B.C. Rich’s history and will be available through dealers and distributors worldwide.

Despite being known for creative-bodied electric guitars, B.C. Rich started as an acoustic guitar company, with founder Bernardo Chavez Rico constructing acoustics in the early 1960s in Bernardo’s Guitar Shop in Los Angeles. Former executive Vice President Mal Stich explains, “When you walked into Bernardo’s the first thing you saw was wall to wall guitars hanging from the ceiling like birthday party balloons. There was a glass counter with strings, picks, guitar parts and accessories. Behind the counter was a window and you could watch the guys making guitars. But, the coolest thing was that there were always flamenco and classical players jamming. I remember the Flamenco players firing at each other with riff after riff. Bernie’s father, Bernardo Mason Rico, was always sitting in his chair next to the Coca-Cola machine while friends and neighbors, even the postman, stood spellbound listening to the music.”

Prices are yet to be confirmed – specs and hardware will also differ between models to fit any player’s preference. To find out more, visit www.bcrich.com

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