EXCLUSIVE! ‘Enigma’ by Bette Stuy

Bette Stuy
Bette Stuy

Bette Stuy: Brooklyn blues

This week’s Thursday exclusive slot is given over to some strutting rock-soul-blues fusion bizniss courtesy of NYC singer-songwriter Bette Stuy

This week’s Thursday exclusive will be a treat for your ears if you dig Angie Stone, Macy Gray, Sharon Jones or any other artist keeping alive the finest traditions of black American music in the modern age. Because here’s another powerfully voiced singer who’s doing just that: New York’s Bette Stuy.

You pronounce her name – in case you were wondering – to rhyme with ‘Bed-Stuy’, or Bedford- Stuyvesant, the area in Brooklyn from which she hails. But while a regular on the New York live circuit, she’s already spread her wings far wider. She’s played blues clubs and festivals all over Europe, toured with artists like soca legend Arrow and girl group Soul Patrol, collaborated with Ray Charles, appeared on MTV and been inducted into the New York Blues Hall of Fame. Her first album, From The Well Of My Inner Child was released in 2006; now, in 2015, she’s preparing to release her second, entitled Introducing Bette Stuy: This Is Neo-Blues. And today, Songwriting is proud to present the first single from the album, Enigma.

She says of the song: “Enigma not only reflects my inner perspective as an artist, but I believe, represents the sentiments of free thinkers around the globe, who are often viewed as strange creatures in a sea of more traditionally minded people. I say the world needs both types – it keeps things interesting!”

Bette Stuy’s website biog declares that “What Sharon Jones is to funk, Bette Stuy is to blues,” while the hype sheet for the single makes reference to Etta James and Ray Charles. We’d also suggest similarities to Tina Turner in her youngest, raunchiest days but as ever, you can make your own mind up…

Like that? Then find Bette Stuy on Facebook, on Twitter or at her own website.

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