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A message to songwriters: we want to hear from those of you who are vowing to keep songwriting in 2021

We love songwriters because everything starts with you. The entire industry relies on your craft, imagination and ability to combine music and lyrics in a way that other people want to hear – no mean feat if you ask us!

Here at Songwriting Magazine, we didn’t think we could respect you any more, but the fact that so many of you have managed to keep songwriting during what has undoubtedly been an utter abomination of a year… Well, consider us blown away.

We mean it when we say, “We’re here for you.” That’s why we’re launching our #keepsongwriting campaign and will be sharing tips on how you can do just that, as well as championing those of you who have managed to plough on despite all that has been thrown at you lately.

We want to hear from those of you who have stuck at it, plucked away and are vowing not to stop creating original music in 2021. If that’s you, fill in the form below and take the pledge.

And if you do make that pledge we’ll not only share your details (and a link to your music) on here. If you can keep songwriting then the least we can do is shout your name out into the world as loudly as possible.

Not only that, if there are songwriters that you work with or whose music has helped you through lockdown, then please share our video with them and remind them that they’re smashing it.

Mainly though, we just want to send a huge thank you on behalf of music lovers around the world and encourage you all to #keepsongwriting.



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  • Florie Namir on 26 Sep 2021I’m going to keep songwriting by reminding myself that overflowing emotions can be relieved when I write them down or sing them out.#keepsongwriting
  • Rob Mason on 4 Sep 2021I’ve kept writing songs all through lockdown and have just released currently have 4 tunes waiting for me to find the right words. The songs just find their way through somehow!#keepsongwriting
  • Alexandra Burns on 1 Sep 2021My best mate and I have been writing songs together for just under a year and we’ve just released our 1st single! I am so excited!#keepsongwriting
  • Nicholas Unsworth on 2 Aug 2021I have been writing songs now for over 40 years and I am not about to stop.#keepsongwriting
  • Beth Thomas on 1 Aug 2021Notebook writing even day#keepsongwriting
  • Carol Corns on 20 Jul 2021I wrote ‘Start a party’ for Freedom day and the nightclub scene. It all started with Gary Barlow’s course, I am now on the TSA course, and have since written a power ballad, a funeral song, and lots of EDM. I appreciate your interest in new writers…#keepsongwriting
  • Xin Zeng on 24 Jun 2021I have plenty of ideas and try to get one end product at one time! Focus, making, listen to it until I am satisfied with it!#keepsongwriting
  • Jumal Tarver on 30 May 2021Continue to build an incredible music catalogue#keepsongwriting
  • Paolo Di Carlo on 28 May 2021I have been writing songs privately for the last 5 years, but never recorded any. I almost gave up on recording, and was going to quit, but ended up recording my first song ‘Never Enough’, which is out today!#keepsongwriting
  • Andrew Yampolskiy on 22 May 2021It’s my passion, to be honest.#keepsongwriting
  • Dominic Johnson on 13 May 2021I’m putting out a new solo song next week, and am writing for my band’s new album. On top of that, I want to challenge myself this year to write with more new artists. I’m determined to make this year a more creative one than last year’s write off!#keepsongwriting
  • Demi Schwartz on 22 Apr 2021Songwriting is truly part of me, and it was there for me during 2020. Now, in 2021, I’m more grateful for songwriting than ever. This year, I’m releasing my debut album I wrote 100 percent myself, and more special singles. 2021 is my year for my dreams.#keepsongwriting
  • Maurits J. Fondse on 19 Apr 2021We have to use all our talents to find the songs which are out there in heaven.#keepsongwriting
  • Elliot Swift on 8 Apr 2021I write songs all the time, I have written an album that I am going record and have professionally produced when lockdown ends.#keepsongwriting
  • Irina Myachkin on 1 Apr 2021I pledge to be song-full.#keepsongwriting
  • Mike Davies on 24 Mar 2021In addition to the many things that motivate me as a songwriter, 2020 generated much to write about and also emphasised the role that songwriting can play to help you deal with it. 2 albums of fresh 2020 material released and momentum which hasn’t stopped.#keepsongwriting
  • Chris Britt on 21 Mar 2021I’ve been a guitarist/singer/songwriter for 25 years it’s what I do. I work part/time in a supermarket so I am able to continue my work.#keepsongwriting
  • Pauline Lee on 13 Mar 2021I have written lots of lyrics and l am pretty sure they are good but l don’t belong to the world of music, l have no connections though l do send my lyrics to GISC and they have been well received but l am getting on for 80 or will be in August.#keepsongwriting
  • Colin Chapman on 13 Mar 2021When I’m down I’ll listen to some of my old stuff and get back up again!#keepsongwriting
  • Briana Horan on 12 Mar 2021It’s often in difficult times that some of the most beautiful art is born. I’ve always written to heal and to turn something difficult into something beautiful. I pledge to continue as I always have.#keepsongwriting
  • Moving Me Music on 12 Mar 2021I’ll just keep on looking for inspiration in everyday life and try to find the voice that suits me the best in my bands and in my solo projects.#keepsongwriting
  • Victor Maxwell on 11 Mar 2021I give thanks to the Lord, Our Heavenly Father, and to Christ, for without them, none of this will be possible. Keep writing, and to send positive vibes.#keepsongwriting
  • Darío Cousteau on 11 Mar 2021We need songs to live. I still have something to say and I know that a song can change someone’s life. I want to write songs to celebrate good things in life and also to be a company for the bad moments.#keepsongwriting
  • Lauren Farrell Marina on 8 Mar 2021I’m going to keep writing because it’s something I have to do. Writing and playing guitar just feels like home and a new path at the same time. It’s a direction.#keepsongwriting
  • Gary Pearson on 7 Mar 2021By showing up every day, and in the words of Steven Pressfield, doing the work.#keepsongwriting
  • She Got Salty Bones on 25 Feb 2021I am going to indulge the truth of what I am. I never stop writing songs and inspiring people to share the love through my own action. Thanks for the support lovely people! I just released a new EP in January 2021 :)#keepsongwriting
  • Max Ovenden on 23 Feb 2021I am going to write every day for at least two hours in the morning and finish writing at least 3 songs per week#keepsongwriting
  • Josiane Kouagheu on 22 Feb 2021I don’t want to be a singer (I sing when I write and that’s all). I write for others. I write about life, love, joy, pain, sadness, happyness… and I love it. Seeing what is happening in The world make me understand how life is really short and it is important to live IT, work, play, dance, dream… and that is why I WILL continue to do what I REALLY LOVE: Writing, my passion. I will #keepsongwriting in 2021.#keepsongwriting
  • Darren Parry on 16 Feb 2021“Music is what feelings sound like” has always been a quote that has often made it clear in my mind why I write songs. The goal for me has always been to communicate my feelings to others, through music. Don’t stop, the world needs you!#keepsongwriting
  • Kat Reinhert on 15 Feb 2021Songwriting isn’t an optional event. It’s a part of who I am – and not showing up for ourselves is the surest way to lose ourselves. So, what I’m going to do? Show up every day. I’m going to show up for other people and help them show up for themselves.#keepsongwriting
  • Darren Evans on 15 Feb 2021It’s who I am. Even if I tried I could never quit writing songs. The words and melodies come to me.#keepsongwriting
  • Cynthia Marie on 14 Feb 2021I pledge, no matter what age, to write the songs about the way I feel and the experiences I have in this one beautiful lifetime.#keepsongwriting
  • Roberta Lea on 11 Feb 2021Look outside yourself for inspiration. There’s a well of emotion in the depths of other peoples hearts and stories. Don’t be afraid to sing for them, too.#keepsongwriting
  • Kate McLeod on 9 Feb 2021I was at the ophthalmologist yesterday. You wouldn’t believe the number of provocative words are you can find at your opthalmologist’s office that start new songs.#keepsongwriting
  • Marc Todd on 8 Feb 2021I am always reading this magazine at work. Trying to write a song a week. Releasing my debut album in April via Glasstone Records. Thanks Marc x#keepsongwriting
  • Nero Kane on 7 Feb 2021Writing songs is my best way to simply go on in this wild ride called life. Each song is a fragment of me and my world that will live beyond me. Music is life. Songs are eternal.#keepsongwriting
  • Ewa Ryks on 7 Feb 2021I write in Polish and English and play new ideas on the piano every day, notate all good ideas for hooks from books, read and listen to articles and information from the internet including Songwriting Magazine. Yes, I will do it until I die, or longer.#keepsongwriting
  • Inge Iden on 7 Feb 2021Keep noodling, just like the past hundred years.#keepsongwriting
  • Ady Johnson on 7 Feb 2021Make songwriting part of my daily routine – 20mins minimum + Perform one new song each upcoming live stream, completed or not! Wish me luck! ??#keepsongwriting
  • Elena Duff on 5 Feb 2021I #keepsongwriting by recording my debut album (including finishing a couple of to-be-finalised songs). I also joined fawm.org (February Album Writing Month). The goal is to write 1 song every 2 days, hopefully resulting in 14 new songs by March 1st.#keepsongwriting
  • Doris DeArmon on 4 Feb 2021I plan to keep songwriting by writing every day and also by reviewing and improving sons written over the past few years.#keepsongwriting
  • Kevn Roberts on 3 Feb 2021I pledge to attempt to write at least 3 songs a month in 2021!#keepsongwriting
  • Aerynn on 3 Feb 2021Discipline to unplug, step outside for a walk, sit or rest quietly, and not over-schedule my days are all ways I make space for the songs to come, and they do.#keepsongwriting
  • Mohini Sule on 2 Feb 2021By showing up for it every day, collaborating with others and reminding myself that it’s my way of connecting with the world.#keepsongwriting
  • Ian Mitchell on 1 Feb 2021I plan to start journaling every day to get my thoughts, feelings, emotions and ideas out onto physical paper. I will then turn these into songs. I’m going to write the best songs I’ve ever written in 2021.#keepsongwriting
  • Dave Anthony on 1 Feb 2021My pledge? I am writing something down almost every day! I had what I might call a productive year last year, although some of my Songs last year were written a year or two before that. My Songs tend to evolve over time. I record ‘everything’ I do.#keepsongwriting
  • Reg Kielty on 1 Feb 2021Following my retirement from the NHS and the passing of my father, I promised myself I would further invest both creatively and where possible financially in my songwriting. This has led to a fabulous reunification with a friend and former collaborator.#keepsongwriting
  • Henry Harrison on 1 Feb 2021I always keep going because I write when my emotions and feelings allow me to I don’t have any equipment to record on but my songs come from the heart. Hopefully one day I will meet a singer who will take on my songs and share them with the world.#keepsongwriting
  • Tamara Eileen Galloway on 1 Feb 2021I’m going to continue doing online songwriting courses and collaborating with other songwriters over the Internet.#keepsongwriting
  • Gabriel Ralls on 1 Feb 2021I’ve taken an agile approach to my next album, so I’m building the songs iteratively over time. I’ve planned songs to allow collaborators to record their bits remotely. It feels watching the project grow over time like a plant (we all have plants now).#keepsongwriting
  • Kate Bowen on 30 Jan 2021I’m determined to release more music and write new material ideally every week.#keepsongwriting
  • Daniel Haselwanter on 30 Jan 2021I vow to write one song per week in 2021.#keepsongwriting
  • Gideon Blue on 29 Jan 2021In theory had more free time due to Lockdown, but was hard to get motivated. So commitment – a) not to beat myself up when see ‘wonder’ people on social media b) join a music forum to help discuss projects c) Allocate time each week for music and R&R#keepsongwriting
  • Max Avery on 29 Jan 2021I made a deal with myself that I would sit down every day during this pandemic and write at least one line of a new song. With new and different feelings that are brought every day by this pandemic, I have flipped the negatives into a creative experience.#keepsongwriting
  • Maureen Malcolm-Gourley on 28 Jan 2021Rewrite my debut album and release it in 2021.#keepsongwriting
  • Beat Bill on 28 Jan 2021Music is a need and food for the soul. That’s why I always will create my own songs, whatever will be. The process of songwriting (alone and in collaboration) and the finished songs are so satisfying that it is impossible to stop. Let’s move on.#keepsongwriting
  • Sam Lou Talbot on 26 Jan 2021By continuing to light those little fires inside.#keepsongwriting
  • Vince Campbell on 26 Jan 2021I run a Veterans program. Songwriting & Wellness For Veterans Canada. I have a family of Veterans, that’s my motivation.#keepsongwriting
  • Chris Boddington on 25 Jan 2021Well 2020 had the opposite effect on me and down to having more spare time and a reminder of what’s important and doing what makes you happy, I have written more than ever and have actually completed my first album which I actually entitled Lockdown??#keepsongwriting
  • Catself on 24 Jan 2021I keep songwriting no matter what the circumstances. It is natural for me. And even if some songs sound melancholic or scary, or serious, they all come from a happy place. A curious, creative heart is a happy heart. So keep this inner happiness, everyone.#keepsongwriting
  • Anne Buckle on 24 Jan 2021I created a group in April 2020 of 10 songwriter friends that meets once per month on Zoom to share a new song that we’ve written. The catch? Everyone must include a designated shared word at least once in the lyric. We call ourselves the Song Club.#keepsongwriting
  • Eve Williams on 24 Jan 2021I recorded a new album via Zoom with Steve Goodie of the Bluebird Cafe this year. The writing for that project is complete but I intend to keep writing as I am a member of 2 Zoom Songwriters’ Circles at which I’m expected to play a track every month.#keepsongwriting
  • Christopher Lovell on 23 Jan 2021I will continue to write songs, share my music and speak my truth, even if my voice shakes.#keepsongwriting
  • Inge Iden on 23 Jan 2021Noodling as often as possible. Collecting lines and thoughts.#keepsongwriting
  • Devitt Elverson on 22 Jan 2021I just keep hearing songs and complete them and write them. I amin various stages of completing 4 songs as I write this.#keepsongwriting
  • Nigel Parrington on 22 Jan 2021I’m loving collaborating with other songwriters all over the world, lockdown has encouraged this, a glimmer of hope.#keepsongwriting
  • Mike Hyden on 22 Jan 2021I am saving up for a guitar to start writing again…#keepsongwriting
  • Shantell Ogden on 21 Jan 2021This February, I will launch a new album about addiction recovery. This is in direct response to the increase in addiction triggers during COVID. I will also continue to write music for film/TV and work with songwriters on getting their music placed.#keepsongwriting
  • Lindsay Brazell on 21 Jan 2021My goal for 2021 is to write at least one song a month (though I’m 22 weeks pregnant so I feel like that might get harder the second half of the year haha!)#keepsongwriting
  • Laura Thomas on 21 Jan 2021How…just put out a new album, collaborating with other singer-songwriters, and building a community to help support live music & venues!!#keepsongwriting
  • Afrika Bakenra on 21 Jan 2021I realized many years ago that songwriting is a gift. You can develop a talent in it, but first and foremost it is a gift. I choose to be grateful for this gift and although it takes much courage, I pledge to continue using and sharing this gift.#keepsongwriting
  • Lewis Barfoot on 21 Jan 2021Thanks for the support. I pledge to keep songwriting because my heart and soul give me no other choice but to honour their calling. I am a woman and I have a voice and I will use it. With thanks to all those that went before. Grá mor, Lewis#keepsongwriting
  • Blair Dunlop on 21 Jan 2021I found it hard to motivate myself last year but I’ve started 2021 well. Learning drums over the last few weeks has opened up a new facet of my creativity and I’m excited to see where constructing songs from a different foundation will take me.#keepsongwriting
  • Pepína on 20 Jan 2021Every minute between homeschool sessions counts! Even if it’s just 1/2 hour of practice a day, 2hrs a week spent writing new material, 1 hr a week for social media posts, and 3-4 hours a week on pitching and other marketing/business admin. Pledge done!#keepsongwriting
  • Casey Ceulemans on 20 Jan 2021Hi, My name is Casey and I am in on keeping it up with songwriting now – more than ever! 2020 actually pushed me even more as music is what heals so much in people and yes we are at the heart of the music business (that is the place I’m aiming for)!#keepsongwriting
  • Justin Brandom on 20 Jan 2021I’m going to keep on songwriting so I can express through my music the times we are living in.#keepsongwriting
  • Alex Stolze on 20 Jan 2021I’ll continue to write more songs and compose music for violin, looper and piano with Ben Osborn in my studio until we will be able to play live again…#keepsongwriting
  • Harris on 20 Jan 2021I will always write about subjects I’m passionate about, even if it’s close to home and painful to write.#keepsongwriting
  • Peter Antony on 19 Jan 2021I made a New Years Resolution to post an unplugged or minimalistic version of one of my songs every week this year. Some are old songs, some partly written and some will be totally new: all honing my songwriting skills.#keepsongwriting
  • Christiane Morley on 19 Jan 2021In May 2020 I made a pledge to myself to write an original song every month. With my song ‘Bells’. I am one of the finalists in the 2020 UK song writing competition in the category Christmas songs.#keepsongwriting
  • Gary Kenny on 19 Jan 2021Keep on keeping on, each and every day; Magic can happen in a garden shed!#keepsongwriting
  • Rainy Rainford on 19 Jan 2021My songwriting is integral to my life and my sense of connection with being alive. As a dyslexic, it is equal parts therapy and my mountain to climb. Songwriting returns me to a place of infinite possibility, often revealing what I really think and feel.#keepsongwriting
  • Dave & Jim Newman on 19 Jan 2021We are getting together on zoom and adapting and developing our songs. Trying to play guitar and piano daily to help something happen. The act of collaboration maintains some momentum when motivation can be difficult.#keepsongwriting
  • Lisa Redford on 19 Jan 2021I am going to keep songwriting. Keeping inspired and creative is so important. Already in 2021 I have co-written a charity song for a dog rescue which is helping them to raise funds.#keepsongwriting
  • Gavin Thorpe on 19 Jan 2021I am going to keep on keeping (good song title) by songwriting little and often. I have lots of ideas that need finishing so this is the time to turn those sketches into beautiful pieces of art.#keepsongwriting
  • Richard Kemp on 19 Jan 2021I pledge to use my imagination and creativity to create original music.#keepsongwriting
  • Sue Bewick on 19 Jan 2021In my own home studio, a visit every day for lyric writing or full production to Finnish a song but whatever inspiration throws at me I will carry on#keepsongwriting
  • Mia Dean on 19 Jan 2021I have a new project that was born of the pandemic. I am writing an album with a friend via distance from Oakland, Ca to Bath, England, we work on it daily, and are so grateful to the internet, WhatsApp, Facetime & Logic. Can’t wait to share it.#keepsongwriting
  • Tom Cornett on 19 Jan 2021Every day I live and every soul I meet is a song that begins a file in my mind. I finish all I can. I love loving to write.#keepsongwriting
  • Jesús Huerta on 19 Jan 2021I will keep writing songs besides everything, just to give a little joy or imagination to this chaotic world.#keepsongwriting
  • Stu Kidd on 19 Jan 2021One hour per day, with the view to writing, recording, and posting one song per week on my site#keepsongwriting
  • Hugh Webber on 18 Jan 2021During the lockdown I’ve written with more people than ever, collaborated with new artists, and generally just kept connecting online and finding new and exciting people to work with. It’s absolutely my plan to continue that through 2021.#keepsongwriting
  • Andy Quick on 18 Jan 2021First thing I did when I heard about lockdown 1 was buy a new Mac+logic (on finance obvs:) and got to work recording demos and arranging songs day and night. I haven’t looked up from that process all year. In 2021 the world gets to hear them all ;)#keepsongwriting
  • Alex Hunter on 18 Jan 20211 hour a day (min) writing, 1 song a month created, 10 songs by October 22, album recorded by Christmas, for my wife to celebrate 55 years of marriage.#keepsongwriting
  • Peter Antony on 18 Jan 2021I made a New Years Resolution to post an unplugged or minimalistic version of one of my songs every week this year. Some are old songs, some partly written and some will be totally new: all honing my songwriting skills.#keepsongwriting
  • Stuart Earl on 18 Jan 2021I will release a new album in 2021 …pandemic or not!#keepsongwriting
  • Philip Redo on 18 Jan 2021Every damn COVID day and loving every minute!!!!!!!!#keepsongwriting
  • Carole Davy on 18 Jan 2021My question to you is how are songwriters supposed to make a living nowadays? We have a right to live. But the steaming companies etc are killing songwriters! Without songs there isn’t an industry!!!!!!!#keepsongwriting
  • Paul Ariss on 18 Jan 2021I pledge to keep on songwriting. I have three new songs I’m currently working on and I plan to be back in the studio to record four new songs by summer at the latest. I’m also working to become a better musician to help support my songwriting efforts.#keepsongwriting
  • Tim Wilds on 18 Jan 2021By showing up as many days a week as I can muster. Improvising. Reading. Making notes. Observing both the inner and outer world. Listening to music!#keepsongwriting
  • Edward Butler Jr. on 18 Jan 2021I eat-writing, sleep and dream every day my craft of songwriting. This is what I love and promise to continue until my end, “My Pledge To You”#keepsongwriting
  • Dawn Kelly on 18 Jan 2021Thinking of and creating videos to go with song ideas is keeping me going :)#keepsongwriting
  • Candace Smith on 18 Jan 2021I pledge to continue songwriting, collaborating with other artists, and entering contests to showcase my lyrics.#keepsongwriting
  • Shep Tullier on 18 Jan 2021Every single day is a thinking, observing, caring and writing day!#keepsongwriting
  • Sheridan Guest on 18 Jan 2021By continuing to write, but as I can’t play an instrument or sing I’m teaching myself piano so I can get more from my writing which I have been doing for over 40yrs. I tried a recording studio but alas my words were not in tune to tutors music. But hey.#keepsongwriting
  • Paul Bezooyen on 18 Jan 2021Just get off my ass and write and write and co-write and invite a co-writers and GET OUT and LOOK OUT for inspiration.#keepsongwriting
  • Simon Fielder on 18 Jan 2021I will keep writing until I can write no more explore new ideas and work hard at my craft today, tomorrow and always x#keepsongwriting
  • Rxth on 18 Jan 2021I pledge to keep songwriting and make this the year I release the most music. If the pandemic has shown us anything – it’s that any thing can happen and we can’t take things for granted. It’s given me the push I need to pursue my music goals with urgency.#keepsongwriting
  • Lana Lucien on 18 Jan 2021Pledges to #keepsongwriting#keepsongwriting
  • Kevin Palmer on 18 Jan 2021I will continue to write every day!#keepsongwriting
  • Jim Chorley on 18 Jan 2021In the first lockdown in 2020 I wrote a song a day for 30 days and uploaded them every day to my Facebook page… In 2021 I have already written 3 songs and pledge to keep writing, recording and releasing regularly…Many thanks for the support ???#keepsongwriting
  • Stella Le Page on 18 Jan 2021not sure how, but I will#keepsongwriting