Video by Dirty Jack

A message to songwriters: we want to hear from those of you who are vowing to keep songwriting in 2021

We love songwriters because everything starts with you. The entire industry relies on your craft, imagination and ability to combine music and lyrics in a way that other people want to hear – no mean feat if you ask us!

Here at Songwriting Magazine, we didn’t think we could respect you any more, but the fact that so many of you have managed to keep songwriting during what has undoubtedly been an utter abomination of a year… Well, consider us blown away.

We mean it when we say, “We’re here for you.” That’s why we’re launching our #keepsongwriting campaign and will be sharing tips on how you can do just that, as well as championing those of you who have managed to plough on despite all that has been thrown at you lately.

We want to hear from those of you who have stuck at it, plucked away and are vowing not to stop creating original music in 2021. If that’s you, fill in the form below and take the pledge.

And, if there are songwriters that you work with or whose music has helped you through lockdown, then please share our video with them and remind them that they’re smashing it.

Mainly though, we just want to send a huge thank you on behalf of music lovers around the world and encourage you all to #keepsongwriting.



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