Introducing… Gabriella Jones

Gabriella Jones

Gabriella Jones

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Gabriella JonesName: Gabriella Jones

Age: 19

Location: Birmingham, UK

Style: “A mixture of pop, blues and rock.”

Look out for: Her first single, ‘Losing My Baby’ – out on 28 October.

Gabriella may be yet to release her first ‘proper’ single but she’s already supported artists as diverse as Beyonce, Roxy Music and Bon Jovi at the LG Arena in her native Birmingham… all thanks to a chance meeting with a local promoter who was impressed by the fact her dog is named Hendrix! She’s also appeared at Wireless Festival in Hyde Park, and released her music independently through iTunes.

She cites her main influences as being Paul Rodgers, Joss Stone “and Christine Aguilera when I was younger”. She’s not afraid of admitting there’s a pop sound to her music, but says she’d never want to go down the ‘sing and dance act’ route that characterises so much modern pop. “I started writing songs aged eight, it’s all I’ve ever known,” she says. “I’d rather have people umming and ahhing over something I made myself, than loving something that I didn’t.”

When not making music, Gabriella is studying English Literature at Birmingham University, which she says “definitely helps with songwriting”. She’s currently reading “a lot of feminist literature, and a lot of medieval poetry… which is really interesting because you realise that even back then, they had stuff that was highbrow and ‘art’, and they had stuff that was ‘pop’ as well. And people knew the difference.”

You can hear the single here:

…or check out more of Gabriella’s music on her Soundcloud page

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