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Latest Articles

Barry Hyde of The Futureheads' Songwriting Survival Kit


Barry Hyde of The Futureheads’ Songwriting Survival Kit

The Sunderland post-punk band’s guitarist and vocalist, and self-professed muso, lifts the lid on the ingredients of his songwriting world…

Crush Acoustic 30 amp


Orange’s Wish Granted competition continues

Orange Santa is coming to town for the amp manufacturer’s 50th-anniversary competition and it’s bigger and better than ever before…

Diary Of A Songwriter: Honeyblood


Diary Of A Songwriter: Stina Tweeddale

The Honeyblood star reveals some of the startling inspirations behind her new album as we look back over its creation…

Una Healy


On The Stereo #57

We’re currently sampling these new musical delights from Una Healy, Jennah Barry, The Glorious Sons, Nova Hall and M. Ward…

Erland Cooper. Photo: Neil Thomson


Interview: Erland Cooper

We catch up with a Scottish songwriter and soundscaper who is capturing the essence of the Orkney Islands through music…

The Album That Changed Everything feature in Songwriting Magazine Summer 2019


The Album That Changed Everything (Summer 2019)

Some of our favourite past Songwriting interviewees reveal the seminal albums that have inspired them the most over the years…

Home studio. Photo: Oleg Ivanov


Songwriter’s guide to home recording: monitors and layout

Music production aficionado Dave Chrzanowski advises on selecting and positioning your speakers and managing the acoustics of your recording set-up…



Song Deconstructed: ‘The Multiverse Moat’ by STANLÆY

Bristol-based songwriter and multi-instrumentalist takes us on a journey to Iceland in order to reveal all about this new track…

How I Wrote 'It Must Have Been Love'


How I wrote ‘It Must Have Been Love’ by Roxette’s Per Gessle

The Swedish soft-rock duo’s lead singer reveals the ballad that graced the ‘Pretty Woman’ soundtrack was originally a Christmas song…

Mighty Oaks. Photo: Bella Lieberber


Song Deconstructed: ‘All Things Go’ by Mighty Oaks

The multinational indie-folk trio, based in Berlin, talk about the why, how and where behind the making of their new…

Becca Stevens


On The Stereo #56

Our writers revel in the latest musical delights emanating from Becca Stevens, Lady Antebellum, Kendama, Andy Clark and Danny McMahon…

Diagrams by Paul Heartfield/Chrissie Abbott


Song Deconstructed: ‘Is This Real’ by Diagrams

Tunng’s Sam Genders takes us inside his new single and simultaneously provides a window into the world of AI-assisted songwriting…

The Word Mill in Axat, France


Lara Eidi’s lessons learned from a writers’ residency

The Lebanese-Canadian songwriter and workshop leader explains how retreating to Southern France helped her to find time and inspiration…

Kiefer Sutherland


Interview: Kiefer Sutherland

Jack of all trades: not content with just saving the world, the ’24’ star is now making great music…

Beg Friend


Song-by-Song: ‘Make Shift’ by Beg Friend

Songwriter Joe da Costa takes us inside his debut EP, complete with the otherworldly voice of an old family friend…

Laurent Bourque. Photo: Rebecca Chan


Song Deconstructed: ‘Lightning Mood’ by Laurent Bourque

The Canadian indie-pop singer-songwriter reveals the collaborative process behind his latest single that emerged on a trip to Paris…

Andrew Combs


Interview: Andrew Combs

We spoke with the Dallas-born country musician to learn about his new direction and co-writing with friends like Dylan LeBlanc…

Noel Gallagher. Pic: Mitch Ikeda


On The Stereo #55

Let’s check out some new music from Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds, Torgeir Waldemar, Shadow Show, Marcus King and O&O…

Handbags And Gladrags by Mike d'Abo


How I wrote ‘Handbags And Gladrags’ by Mike d’Abo

The Manfreds man tells the story of his classic that’s been a hit for Chris Farlowe, Rod Stewart and Stereophonics…

home recording software


Songwriter’s guide to home recording: software

Our music production guru Dave Chrzanowski is back to talk about the DAWs and VSTs you need to get started…

Alexander Tucker by Dom Garwood


Five minutes with… Alexander Tucker

The experimental songwriter discusses how influences such as H.P Lovecraft’s science fiction writings helped to shape his most recent album…

Tim Holehouse


Diary Of A Songwriter: Tim Holehouse

Having spent the last 13 years on the road, we join the first week of the hard-working musician’s latest tour…

How I Wrote book 'If I Were A Boy'


How I wrote ‘If I Were A Boy’ for Beyoncé by BC Jean

How the global smash started life as a Californian girl’s break-up song, inspired by pizza and popcorn in Times Square…



On The Stereo #54

It’s time to check out some new songs from MALKA, The Saxophones, Frances Luke Accord, Hicktown Breakout and Anil Aydin…

Imogen Mahdavi


Song Deconstructed: ‘Rock The Boat’ by Imogen Mahdavi

The rising alt-pop singer-songwriter reveals what went into writing and recording her brand new track about rekindling a fragile relationship…

Ashley Monroe


Interview: Ashley Monroe

As a songwriter, solo artist and member of country supergroup Pistol Annies, the Southern songbird has found her sweet spot…

Shed Seven


How I wrote ‘Chasing Rainbows’ by Shed Seven’s Rick Witter

The singer with York’s indie guitar heroes looks back on the creation of an anthem from the band’s Britpop heyday…

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