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Songwriting is a quarterly digital magazine aimed at songwriters and at fans of song-led music – of all genres. We take advice from successful songwriters, producers and industry experts to provide you with tips, techniques, ideas and inspiration to keep the music flowing, from writing lyrics and melodies to advice on how to promote yourself and your songs. Plus you’ll find interviews with big name artists and rising stars, and reviews of new music from pop to hip-hop to soul to rock…

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Today's exclusive is from the smooth, Vinegar Mother


EXCLUSIVE! ‘Moon Tomb’ by Vinegar Mother

Today’s exclusive song comes from a soul-rock quintet whose singer has a sublimely smooth vocal. You’re going to love them…



Classic Of The Week: Shallow

This week’s classic is a shoegaze masterpiece from the most underrated band of all-time. Songwriting Magazine hope you enjoy it…



Chumbawamba film close to completion

‘Tubthumping’ was one of the hits of the 90s, but what was it like to be part of the band?…

‘H+’ by JB Dunckel album cover


‘H+’ by JB Dunckel (Album)

The electro visionary from Versailles returns with more colourful and fluid dreamscapes to whet the appetite, if that’s your thing?…

John Carter Cash by David McClister


Interview: John Carter Cash

Johnny Cash’s son talks to us about bringing his legendary father’s unpublished words to life on a star-studded new album…



Songs In The Key Of… Shoegaze

We’re delighted to bring you a collection of songs from one of the most influential genres in guitar-pop’s alternative canon…



EXCLUSIVE! ‘Heavy Dog’ by Foxanne

Today we bring you a truly lovely song by an ‘independent post-pop’ trio who channel St. Vincent and Devendra Banheart…

Ben Harper


Interview: Ben Harper

The genre-blending, Grammy-winning musician and performer extols the benefits of songwriting, collaborating, skateboarding and channelling the frequencies of the universe…

You feel the heat as death comes ripping


Classic Of The Week: Misfits

35 years on, this sublime classic shows that the inventors of horror-punk are so much more than a gory novelty…

27 Gone Too Soon


The legend of the 27 Club

In reviewing a recent documentary film about the famous musicians who died aged 27, Fern Dunn explores the tragic phenomenon…

Arctic Monkeys


Comebacks: The Good, The Bad And The U.G.L.Y

The world is weeks away from the return of Arctic Monkeys, while a pop duo also makes a shock comeback…

Frankie Cosmos 'Vessel' album cover


‘Vessel’ by Frankie Cosmos (Album)

Taken from Songwriting Magazine’s Spring 2018 issue out now, this is a featured review of Greta Kline’s new 18-track long-player…


The Importance Of The Physical In The Digital Age

We invited the crowdfunding platform Qrates to explain how they are helping to power the future of music on vinyl…

The Magic Numbers' Romeo Stodart


Interview: The Magic Numbers’ Romeo Stodart

As the English pop-rockers return with a new album, we chat to the band’s songwriter about life as an outsider…



EXCLUSIVE! ‘Planetary’ by Stimmerman

She’s contributed to some of the best indie-rock to come out of New York and now she’s here for you…

Mark Oliver Everett


Interview: Mark Oliver Everett

After making his own distinctive brand of music with Eels for over 20 years, E has come a long way…

Interview: Ian Anderson


Interview: Ian Anderson

On the 50th anniversary of Jethro Tull’s formation, the band’s pioneering, enigmatic, flute-toting frontman talks about their evolution and eclecticism…

Interview: Jonathan Wilson


Interview: Jonathan Wilson

Producer, musician extraordinaire and a songwriter with a genuine artistic vision, LA-based Jonathan Wilson really is one of a kind…

Interview: Calexico


Interview: Calexico

After more than 20 years together, the musical relationship between Joey Burns and John Convertino continues to produce the goods…

How I Wrote 'What A Beautiful Day' by The Levellers' Mark Chadwick


How I Wrote ‘What A Beautiful Day’ by The Levellers

The punk-folk-rock band’s lead singer, Mark Chadwick, tells us how the rousing, mid-90s anthem took just three minutes to write…

How I Wrote 'She's So Lovely' by Scouting For Girls' Roy Stride


How I wrote ‘She’s So Lovely’ by Scouting For Girls

The pop rock band’s frontman, Roy Stride, explains how two years of tweaking went into creating their debut hit single…


Must-hear albums of April 2018

Easter marks the end of the first quarter of 2018, but can April do better music-wise? Of course, it can…

Discover: Shoegaze


Discover: Shoegaze

Music editor Damien Girling explores the scene, songwriters, albums and equipment that helped create the sound of late-80s indie rock…

The Album That Changed Everything


The Album That Changed Everything (Spring 2018)

Some of our past interviewees reveal the iconic albums that have inspired and influenced them the most over the years…

Frankie Cosmos' (Greta Kline) #SongwritingSurvivalKit


Frankie Cosmos’ Songwriting Survival Kit

New York indie-pop singer-songwriter, Greta Kline – aka Frankie Cosmos – talks through the items that she can’t do without…

Diary Of A Songwriter: George Montague


Diary Of A Songwriter: George Montague

A budding local musician tells us how he challenged himself to write 10 completely new songs in just 10 days…

The Dub Righters ‘True Sound Killaz’ EP cover


‘True Sound Killaz’ by The Dub Righters (EP)

Warm your bones with some righteous dub-reggae that will provide a sense of summer you don’t get with other records…

Principles Of Modern Songwriting


Principles Of Modern Songwriting

Experienced session guitarist Jake Gakovik takes us through the basic elements of song craft: form, lyrics, melody, harmony and rhythm…

Find Your Truth In Other People's Songs


Find Your Truth In Other People’s Songs

Welsh singer-songwriter Judith Owen explains how learning to perform cover versions can help you discover what really matters to you…

How To Come Up With 100 New Song Ideas


How To Come Up With 100 New Song Ideas

Author of ‘The Art Of Songwriting’ Ed Bell suggests how to decide what to write about and become more prolific…

Songwriting Spring 2018


Songwriting Magazine Spring 2018 out now

Latest issue features Eels’ Mark Oliver Everett, Jethro Tull’s Ian Anderson, Calexico, Jonathan Wilson, Levellers, Scouting For Girls and more…

Ian Anderson. Pic: Travis Latam


How I wrote ‘Living In The Past’ by Jethro Tull’s Ian Anderson

On the 50th anniversary of the band’s formation, the enigmatic, flute-toting frontman talks about writing one of their best-known songs…

Andy Cook


EXCLUSIVE! ‘Swirl’ by Andy Cook

Today we bring you an exclusive track by a songwriter whose specialism is a vein of jangle-pop you’re gonna adore…