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Latest Articles

How I Wrote 'Zombie' by The Cranberries


How I wrote ‘Zombie’ by The Cranberries’ Dolores O’Riordan

Before the Irish band’s singer tragically died in 2018, she told us how this classic 90s rock song was created…

'Elusive' by Scott Matthews in 'How I Wrote' the book


How I wrote ‘Elusive’ by Scott Matthews

The Wolverhampton singer-songwriter reveals how his debut single earned him a tour with Foo Fighters and an Ivor Novello award…

Charles Esten


Interview: Charles Esten

With a UK tour just around the corner, the country star and actor takes us through a lifetime of songwriting…

Fender Electric XII


Fender revives its 60s 12-string classic guitar

Arriving in 1965, the Electric XII was aimed at folk-rock musicians and it can be heard on ‘Stairway To Heaven’…

How I wrote 'Connected' by Stereo MCs' Rob Birch


How I wrote ‘Connected’ by Stereo MCs’ Rob Birch

The frontman explains how their most famous song is a long and winding tale of riots, London buses and underpants…

James McArthur


On The Stereo #50

We’ve been getting excited by new music from James McArthur, Jason Tyler Burton, Andy Brown, Forty Elephant Gang and Chase…

Leslie Stevens’ Songwriting Survival Kit


Leslie Stevens’ Songwriting Survival Kit

Whether it’s her sketchbook, guitar or an open mind, these are the essential items the LA-based singer-songwriter can’t do without…


Unsigned Only announces winners of annual contest

Anna Wolf has been crowned the winner of 2019’s Unsigned Only music competition, becoming the first South African to win…

Wilco. Photo: Austin Nelson


Songs In The Key Of… Wilco

With a comprehensive new book about Jeff Tweedy’s band on the horizon, its author walks us through 12 essential tracks…

Gethen Jenkins


Introducing… Gethen Jenkins

The former marine has embraced outlaw country and his debut album is one of the year’s most exciting new offerings…

Maybe April


On The Stereo #49

The team’s track selection process unearths some absolute gems from Maybe April, Crash Adams, Serafina Steer, Marc Bianco and Molly-Anne…

How I wrote 'Silence Is Easy' by Starsailor


How I wrote ‘Silence Is Easy’ by Starsailor’s James Walsh

The indie band’s frontman on creating their two-chord, Phil Spector-produced hit single, and how easy it is to sing drunk!…



Oasis podcast offers eye-witness accounts of seminal album

Contributions from friends, fans, musicians and the band’s inner circle shine a light on the chaotic genius of ‘Definitely Maybe’…

Eli Musser


Song Deconstructed: ‘Die To Be With You’ by Eli Musser

A true student of popular music, this New York songwriter invites us to learn a thing or two about love…

Scouting For Girls in Songwriting Magazine


How I wrote ‘She’s So Lovely’ by Scouting For Girls’ Roy Stride

The pop-rock band’s frontman explains how their debut hit took two years of tweaking and “dicking around on the piano”…

Francesca de Valence


Dear songwriter (are you done waiting?)

In her latest letter, regular columnist Francesca de Valence encourages you to get writing, every day, and keep on writing…

Gary Numan


Classic Gary Numan albums re-released

Beggars Arkive will release two special collections of rarities to mark the 40th anniversary of ‘Replicas’ and ‘The Pleasure Principle’…



On The Stereo #48

This time we celebrate some top releases from Feeder, Ward Thomas, Nickel & Rose, Rayne Johnson, Lunch Lady and Twinnie…



KLARA’s Songwriting Survival Kit

The Justin Vernon-approved Swedish singer-songwriter talks us through her essential gear, which includes an Omnichord and a good mic setting…

'London Calling' by The Clash


The Clash’s ‘London Calling’ exhibition comes to the capital

Joe Strummer’s writer’s block, a change in musical direction and Paul Simonon’s famous photograph. It’s 40 years of ‘London Calling’…

Frank Turner


Song Deconstructed: ‘The Death Of Dora Hand’ by Frank Turner

The punk and folk singer-songwriter reveals the inspiration and craft that went into a track about an 1800s vaudeville star…

How I wrote 'Why Does It Always Rain On Me' by Travis


How I wrote ‘Why Does It Always Rain On Me?’ by Travis’ Fran Healy

The Glaswegian frontman talks about piecing together their precipitative breakthrough hit single in the arid climes of Israel and Spain…

Adam Green by Pete Voelker


Five minutes with… Adam Green

Returning with a dystopian new album and graphic novel, the anti-folk pioneer gives us an insight into his writing methods…

Purple Pilgrims


On The Stereo #47

We’ve been enjoying this new music from Purple Pilgrims, Clara Bond, Daniel O’Sullivan, Abby Inez, Ty Segall and Sarah Darling…

Songwriting Magazine Summer 2019


Songwriting Magazine Summer 2019 issue out now

Our new edition features Black Francis, Jamie Cullum, Gabriella Cilmi, Guy Chambers, Grant Nicholas, Jenna Andrews, Gretchen Peters and more…



Still time to enter Women In Music Awards 2019

It’s not too late for submissions and to have a say on who should be recognised at this year’s event…

Merriweather Post Pavilion in Columbia, Maryland


Organisers pull the plug on Woodstock 50

The verdict many fans had been anticipating has finally been confirmed, the festival has been cancelled with various reasons given…

Songwriting Magazine Summer 2019 edition out now