Hilma Nikolaisen 'Puzzler' album artwork

‘Puzzler’ by Hilma Nikolaisen (Album)

December 18, 2016 in Music

This Norwegian valkyrie’s debut album is chaotic and calming with many pieces to its puzzle, making its name perfectly apt…

Aathens 'Idiot Thing' single artwork

‘Idiot Thing’ by Aathens (Single)

September 24, 2016 in Music

Formed amidst the dying embers of a febrile DIY scene, this youthful post-punk meets post-hardcore quartet refuse to be squashed…

Broken Boy-Ready

‘Ready’ by Broken Boy (Single)

December 6, 2015 in Music

Another group of pretenders toss their hat into the crowded indie field and hope that it lands among welcoming scenesters…

The Classical Driveby

‘Driveby’ by The Classical (Single)

July 29, 2015 in Music

On ‘Driveby’ The Classical do their very best to squeeze as little convention into the pop song format as possible…

The Horrors

The Horrors’ fifth album will be produced by Paul Epworth

June 22, 2015 in News

Post-punk group The Horrors have enlisted the services of super-producer Paul Epworth to help them record their upcoming fifth album…

Feast by Fizzy Blood

Feast by Fizzy Blood (EP)

June 16, 2015 in Music

On their new EP ‘Feast’, Leeds quintet Fizzy Blood let you gorge yourself upon their unique and infectious punk qualities…

Pool What It Is

What It Is by Pool (Single)

June 11, 2014 in Music

The Hamburg post-punk trio Pool return with a single that pulsates, ricochets and clasps you in a sinous, funk-addled rhythm…

teardrop explodes wilder

Wilder (Two-Disc Edition) by The Teardrop Explodes (Album)

June 25, 2013 in Music

The Teardrop Explodes remind us of just how special a band they were with the reissue of the classic ‘Wilder’…