Tips & Techniques

Songwriting tips, techniques and ideas

Here you’ll find technical guidance, creative ideas, advice and top tips from well-known artists, experienced professionals and qualified tutors, to help you become a better songwriter. We’ll also include studio production techniques to guide you through the process of recording your own demo tracks, and explore the opportunities to promote your music.

SK Shlomo


SK Shlomo’s 10 lessons learnt from a decade of collaboration

The world-record-breaking beatboxer shares advice on creativity and mental health from Björk, Damon Albarn, Ed Sheeran, Jason Mraz and more…

DIM & AUG chords


Don’t diminish the use of diminished & augmented chords

Songwriting coach James Linderman advises on the best use of these lesser-known chords, and how they can ‘augment’ your song…

When The Muse Goes Missing


What to do when the muse goes missing

Nashville songwriter and mentor Mark Cawley shares some tactics for reviving those elusive creative juices when you’ve lost the flow…

Ask The Experts - Paul Gray


Ask The Experts: Paul Gray of the MU

We put some frequently-asked questions on royalty splits and songwriters’ rights to The Damned bassist and Musicians’ Union regional officer…



RuthAnne’s 10 tips on transitioning from songwriter to artist

This successful Irish songwriter is making her move for solo stardom. Here are her tips on how to change lane…

Writing in character


Five tips for effective writing in character

Drawing on his experience of writing and directing a full staged musical, Steve Kopandy shares his advice on crafting songs…

Lamont Dozier


Lamont Dozier on the ideal writing session

One-third of Motown hitmaking trio Holland-Dozier-Holland explains how to create the perfect collaborative environment and write songs as a team…

Vocal warm up exercises


10 vocal warm up exercises

Our regular contributor, performing songwriter and singing coach, Lisa Redford, shares her favourite vocal warm-up techniques to get you going…

J R Harbidge


J R Harbidge’s songwriting tips

The rocker from the Black Country shares some techniques to help make your melodic ideas and song structures more palatable…

The Beatles


The role of mischief in the Beatles’ songwriting

Author of ‘Help! 100 Songwriting, Recording And Career Tips Used By The Beatles’, David Rowley, highlights the Fab Four’s mischievousness…

Ali Tamposi in Songwriting Magazine Summer 2018


Tips From The Topliner: Ali Tamposi

The impressive, behind-the-scenes songwriter for the likes of One Direction, Kelly Clarkson and Beyoncé shares her advice for successful co-writing…

Dave Rotheray


David Rotheray’s 10 tips for songwriting after an extended break

The former Beautiful South guitarist offers some advice for any songwriters hoping to return to the craft after a break…

Ed Bell's The Song Foundry


Skype songwriting coaching with Ed Bell

Take your skills to the next level, one-on-one, with the professional songwriter, educator and author of ‘The Art Of Songwriting’…

Principles Of Modern Songwriting


Principles Of Modern Songwriting

Experienced session guitarist Jake Gakovik takes us through the basic elements of song craft: form, lyrics, melody, harmony and rhythm…

Find Your Truth In Other People's Songs


Find Your Truth In Other People’s Songs

Welsh singer-songwriter Judith Owen explains how learning to perform cover versions can help you discover what really matters to you…

How To Come Up With 100 New Song Ideas


How To Come Up With 100 New Song Ideas

Author of ‘The Art Of Songwriting’ Ed Bell suggests how to decide what to write about and become more prolific…

Christina Martin


Christina Martin’s 10 tips on songwriting, music and life!

The Canadian singer-songwriter extols the virtues of daily routine, following your heart, journaling, wearing blinders, hiring musicians and saying ‘no’…


10 tips for good songwriting mental health

The author of the book ‘Staying Sane In The Music Game’, Brett Leboff, shares some tactics for controlling your head…

Katie Melua


Katie Melua’s 10 top songwriting tips

The Georgian-British singer and songwriter shares her advice on lyric writing, the creative process and studious approach to making music…

music synchronisation


Five tips for successful music synchronisation

With more songwriters turning to sync as a creative outlet, this music supervisor gives us a quintet of top tips…


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2 thoughts on “Tips & Techniques

  1. Hello, I am a song writer and have written many tunes over the years, and I was wondering how I would get one of my songs to a well known artist to sing. Theses songs are fully master by the Les Paul Family and they just sit in my drawer, year after year. If you have any ideas, please let me know. I do a lot of children’s tunes also. Thank you for your time.

  2. Rob Burns says:

    I have started to write song lyrics but cannot play any instruments. I ave written lots lyrics but do not know how to submit them to artists, i wonder if you can advise me.

    Kind regards

    Rob Burns

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