The Week In Review (3-9 Oct)

Red Squirrel
Red Squirrel

Now it’s not just finding nuts that’s keeping this lad awake at night, it’s the fear that his nuts might drop off…

We round-up the last week in music, including news you might’ve missed, our #SongOfTheDay playlist and Classic Of The Week

Have you missed us folks? You have? Ahhh, OK, errrmmm, well this is awkward because we… Oh who are we kidding, we’ve been waiting all week for this moment! Why? Because we knew that there would just be so much to share with you, and true to our word today’s week in review is a real corker.

We’ve been both amazed and saddened to hear that the UK’s beloved red squirrels have become lepers, horrified as the post-Brexit UK world continues to take shape and just plain stunned by the Irish postie, who delivered a letter despite having only a hand drawn map for an address- stick that up your black and white cat Pat.

Classic Of The Week

‘Efils’ God’ by Eels (1998)

Second albums are meant to be difficult and boy is that true of indie-rock act Eels’ stunning Electro-Shock Blues. However, album number two was wrought not because of teething issues with the band, but because of tremendous personal tragedy, after frontman E (Mark Oliver Everett) lost his sister to suicide and mother to cancer. This left E as the only surviving member of his immediate family, with his father having died 16 years previously. Electro-Shock Blues was E’s attempt to gain catharsis and if you listen to the heartbreaking beauty of Efils’ God without shedding a tear, well, you’re dead inside.

News this week

  • Songwriting congratulations this week go to Passenger, who’s beaten Bruce Springsteen to No 1 on the UK albums chart. Passenger said: “This is probably how Leicester fans felt last season” (a reference to the underdogs’ surprise triumph in UK football’s Premier League).
  • Weezer’s recent White Album has been given the Deluxe Edition treatment, with four extra songs added to the tracklist. The digital-only package is available today.
  • A new Fleetwood Mac album – their first since 2003’s Say You Will – is “half-finished” and could be complete by Christmas, Christine McVie revealed in an interview with The Guardian this week.
  • The city of Manchester is getting its very own walk of fame. Star Walk Manchester will feature 20 star plaques honouring local heroes, with the Gallagher brothers, Ian Curtis, Morrissey, Ian Brown, Bez, Mick Hucknall and Tony Wilson representing the city’s rich musical heritage.
  • A movie adaptation of Green Day’s politically-inspired 2004 album American Idiot is about to enter production at HBO. Green Day frontman will once more play the character of St Jimmy, as he did in the Broadway musical version.

Songs Of The Week

Song: Warhol
Artist: Lisa Mitchell

Song: Whisper To A Hurricane
Artist: Joeseph J. Jones

Song: Wake Up Ray
Artist: Richmond Fontaine

Song: Glitter & Gold
Artist: Barns Courtney

Song: Vanilla
Artist: The Modern Strangers

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