The Week In Review (22 – 28 May)


WE LOVE MCR and we love you too

We round-up the last week in music, including news you might’ve missed, our SongsOfTheWeek playlist and Classic Of The Week

Last week we sat down with you in the midst of a great sadness. But the sense of loss that we felt then was nothing to that we feel now. Folks, there has been one thing on our mind this week and one alone: the terrible tragedy that struck Manchester.

We won’t go deep into the details of the fateful events of 22 May, when 22 people were murdered and 119 injured at a concert by Ariana Grande. 141 innocent, men, women and children.

What we will say is that we offer our most sincere condolences to the friends, family and loved ones of everyone affected by the events. Because while our hearts have been heavy with grief, that’s nothing compared to the torment that they have endured at the hands of a vicious coward and his murderous accomplices.

The response of solidarity from the world has been magnificent. Ariana Grande has reportedly offered to pay for the funerals of the 22 people and the “I LOVE MCR” posters being held aloft around the globe reminded us that we are all united by one thing: our humanity.

No matter your nationality, race, gender, age, politics, religion, or any other factor that might be used to try and divide us, we are all and will remain members of the same human race and that means that we are everyone’s, sister, brother, mother, father, grandmother and grandfather.

WE LOVE MCR and we love you too. We owe it Manchester and it’s brave and tragic people to NEVER, EVER forget that.

Classic Of The Week

‘Everyday ft. Future’ by Ariana Grande (2016)

No introduction is needed here. There’s nothing guilty about our love for Ariana. We love pop and she’s it’s princess. Nuff said.

Songs Of The Week

Song: You Never Can Tell
Artist: Elise LeGrow

Song: Vendetta
Artist: Mellow Gang

Song: Like A Woman
Artist: Kacy Hill

Song: In My Shoes
Artist: Eivør

Mike Batt at French House Party 2024

Song: Alchemy
Artist: Marlene Enright

Song: Wes Come Back
Artist: Rodes Rollins

Song: Thinking of You
Artist: Elias

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