‘How I Wrote…’ paperback book

The Week In Review (12 – 18 June)

'How I Wrote...' paperback book

‘How I Wrote’ is available now!

We round-up the last week in music, including news you might’ve missed, our SongsOfTheWeek playlist and Classic Of The Week

Good day to you folks. We’re back for another edition of your favourite Sunday reading. No, no it’s not the sports section of The Observer. Not even close. Yep, you’ve got it, it’s the latest Week In Review.

So what’s been on our minds this week? Could it be the England football team’s defeat against France? No. House Of Cards? Nope. The grandad caught head-banging in his car to Metallica? Not quite. No, this week what’s been on our minds is the release of our first How I Wrote book. We’re so excited to get it out and hope you enjoy reading it as much as we enjoyed writing it.

But now it’s back to the thing that you came here for…

Classic Of The Week

‘The Swan’ by Cheatahs (2012)

It seems like just yesterday that Cheatahs’ brilliant SANS EP landed on our desk. Imagine how we felt when we discovered that moment was five years ago; half a decade, half a decade… This grungegaze gem was a classic then and it most certainly is now. Enjoy!

Songs Of The Week

Song: Take Your Time
Artist: OLSSON

Song: My Beau

Song: Can’t Do
Artist: Everything Everything

Song: I Want My Country Back
Artist: She Makes War

Song: Growing Up So Fast,
Artist: Flagship Romance

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