The Week In Review (11-17 September)


Outlook was a washout, but today’s classic from Sleater-Kinney certainly isn’t. Image by Shanujacob

After a short break, Songwriting are back with our round-up of the last seven days in music and latest classic

Folks, once again we write having returned from a festival. This time it was Croatia’s Outlook, however, unlike Boomtown, there was no sun to be found – those of you who were there too will know the pain of the torrential rain.

After that, we’ve spent the remainder of our week doing little other than indulging in R&R, by watching the excellent Gotham – Ben McKenzie’s finest work since his turn as Ryan Atwood in cult noughties show, The O.C.

Classic Of The Week

‘I Wanna Be Your Joey Ramone’ by Sleater-Kinney(1996)

Is there such thing as a bad Sleater-Kinney album? No, absolutely not. However, it’s harder to pin down just one song to define them. We’ve gone for this because it’s the most anthemic track from their most brilliant album – Call The Doctor. If you’ve not heard this song, the album it’s from, or Sleater-Kinney, then you’re in for a real treat.

Classic Of The Week Playlist

Songs Of The Week

Song: Bending Back
Artist: Art School Girlfriend

Song: Ain’t A Road Too Long
Artist: Brent Cobb

Song: Look Look Look!
Artist: Velvet Volume

Song: John Joseph Brill
Artist: A Place to Drown

Song: Burning Flame
Artist: The Franklin Electric

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