The Strokes to release new album in 2017

The Strokes
The Strokes

2017 should be an exciting year for The Strokes’ fans. Image by monophonicgirl. Creative Commons

Guitarist Nick Valensi hints that the band are making progress with their sixth studio album, an update that excites fans

According to guitarist Nick Valensi: “The Strokes are alive and well.” The band have been hauled up in their native New York City and will be ready to release their sixth studio album sometime in the new year.

Lead singer Julian Casablancas announced last month that the band would be returning to the studio to record an LP, but the noise coming from the band’s camp suggests that new material should be ready sooner than expected.

Julian and co have already offered up a glimpse of what the new songs might sound like with the release of their EP Future Past Present earlier this year. Their previous album Comedown Machine was released in 2013, and following an appearance at a festival in Washington D.C. (the setting for the lead singer’s announcement) fans have been reacting with excitement on social media, with one fan tweeting: “Julian let the cat outta the bag.”

But don’t expect a big build up to the release, Valensi went on to add at he’d prefer to “pull a Beyoncé… and just drop shit.”

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