Spotify allows you to see your year in music

Spotify 2014
Spotify 2014

Songwriting Magazine Music Editor Damien Girling’s Year In Music for 2014. What’s yours?

Spotify has added a new function that allows you to see the music that’s caught your year during the year

ver wondered what you’ve been listening to during the year, when you’ve listened to it, and how much you’ve listened to it? Well Spotify have developed a function that tells all you that, and more. ‘My Year In Music’ breaks down your listening choices into a series of revealing and informative stats, telling you your favourite genre, album, artist, song, how you listen to Spotify – mobile or computer – and even how many minutes you’ve spent listening to Spotify during the course of the year. It also gives you your listening preferences depending upon season.

If that wasn’t quite enough, ‘My Year In Music’ has been made fully interactive and intuitive, with the function producing a ‘Play It Forward’ playlist for you. This creates a playlist of songs that you might enjoy, setting up your listening tastes for the end of 2014 and beginning of 2015. You can find out what your ‘year in music’ has seen here.

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