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Songwriter Connect

Songwriter Connect is actively seeking new members

If you’d like a little professional help in exploring sync opportunities, Songwriting Connect could be just the service you need

f you think your songs have what it takes to be performed by top-flight artists, or be used for sync purposes (appear in movies, TV, commercials or games), then Songwriter Connect is a new membership organisation that could be well worth checking out.

Based jointly in Florida and Ireland, Songwriter Connect has been launched to help put talented aspiring songwriters in touch with people who are looking for fresh musical material. Membership is strictly limited to 500 people, but they’re still accepting applications for membership. To apply, you’ll need to submit two finished demos of your work – Songwriter Connect stress that you retain all rights in all recordings, and that unsuccessful recordings will be deleted from the servers immediately.

“If we feel that you are a good match for our community,” says the FAQ on their website, “we will officially invite you to join Songwriter Connect. After receiving the invitation you have the possibility to accept or decline the application within 72 hours.” Do note that, while you can submit your application for free, should you be accepted and choose to join, there is an annual $50 membership fee.

Want to know more? Further information and full details of how to apply for membership can be found on their website.

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  1. Andy Gonzalez

    hello, I am a singer-songwriter from Miami. I’ve worked with many artist and have had the pleasure of sharing the stage many bog artist. would love to join the songwriter connect. Thanks

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