Oasis podcast offers eye-witness accounts of seminal album


Oasis: Manchester, 29/11/1993. Photo: James Fry

Contributions from friends, fans, musicians and the band’s inner circle shine a light on the chaotic genius of ‘Definitely Maybe’

Listen Up is a new podcast, released 29 August, detailing events behind the making of Oasis’ debut album Definitely Maybe, to celebrate the 25th anniversary of its release. The series comprises four parts, with the first episode available now and the rest coming in weekly instalments. Two limited edition vinyl releases are also available.

The recording sessions for Definitely Maybe got off to a famously bad start in Monnow Valley Studio, Wales, resulting in a sound that was deemed too thin by both band and management. In a panic, Oasis left for Cornwall to rerecord the album which would become the much-loved and revered album we know today.

Definitely Maybe became the fastest-selling debut album in the UK at the time. The LP was partly responsible for the decline in the popularity of grunge this side of the Atlantic, as music fans found a new hope and moods changed.

The podcast features contributions from people involved in the making of the record, including producer Owen Morris and engineer Anjali Dutt. Episodes also include words from musicians Peter Hook, Lars Ulrich, Clint Boon and Felix White, TV presenter/DJ Dermot O’Leary, Alistair Campbell – who was Tony Blair’s spokesman and campaign director at the time – and journalists including Dominic Mohan and Hamish MacBain.

Check out the first episode of the Listen Up podcast at oasis.lnk.to/ListenUp1PR

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