Mumford & Sons push for “Face Value Only” tickets

Mumford & Sons
Mumford & Sons

Support Mumford & Sons in their fight for “Face Value Only” tickets. Image by Andrea Sartorati – Creative Commons

The much loved nu-folk troupe rage against the unfair practice of Secondary Ticketing and want your help in the fight

It’s happened to all of us at some stage, you try to buy a ticket for a show of a beloved band only to find that they are sold out. Solace is sought among the legions of sites that offer ‘secondary’ ticket selling, only to be ripped off by touts. Now Mumford & Sons have waged war on the touts.

In a statement put out by Winston Marshall, Marcus Mumford, Ted Dwane, Ben Lovett and Adam Tudhope (Manager), the band talk of how they have long sought fair ticket prices for their fans and are fighting against individuals who sell tickets on secondary ticket sites for extortionate prices. They say:

“We’ve worked so hard over the years to keep our ticket prices reasonable – we want all of our fans to be able to come to our shows. We’ve also done everything we can to keep our tickets from finding their way on to re-selling sites. Many tickets on secondary sites are being sold by touts who are simply in the business of ripping off the fan by charging an extortionate amount for sold out shows.”

Continuing: “We want fans of the band to be able to get into our shows for the right price, to feel that they’ve got value for money. We want every seat in a sold out show to be filled with a fan.”

Mumford & Sons have taken their fight to the UK’s Department of Culture, Music and Sport and are currently part of an independent Parliamentary Review into the issue of Secondary Ticketing. If you’ve had a bad experience buying tickets from secondary ticket sources then share your views at, the deadline for submitting evidence is 18 December.

If you do have to sell your tickets then use sites likeTwickets, ScarletMist and other face value only sites. We support Mumford & Sons in their fight against unfair ticket re-selling and hope you are able to buy gig tickets for a fair price.

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