Marr & Peake working on new project

Johnny Marr and Maxine Peake
Johnny Marr and Maxine Peake

Welcome, Marr & Peake

The Smiths’ guitarist and songwriter Johnny Marr has joined forces with the award-winning actor Maxine Peake on a musical project

You’ve heard of Morrissey & Marr, well, now welcome Marr & Peake. The partnership sees Johnny Marr, guitarist and songwriter for The Smiths, teaming up with the award-winning actress Maxine Peake, known for her work on Shameless, and The Village, for a new musical project.

Marr has created instrumental soundscapes, with Peake contributing spoken word performances over the top. A taster of the project has been released in lead track The Priest, which is out now. The Priest is accompanied by a short film.

The lyrics for The Priest are based upon characters that writer Joe Gallagher met on the streets in the first few days after becoming homeless.

Gallagher wrote a diary of his experiences for the Big Issue under the pseudonym James Campbell after becoming homeless in May 2015, continuing until he found a home in March 2016.

Speaking of the project, Marr said: “I wanted to do something different and I thought of asking Maxine to collaborate having been a fan of her work. We started a creative process that clicked and culminated in The Priest, a song and short film inspired by a facet of modern life as we see it and feel it.”

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